Smart Home Technologies Inspired by Nature

In the last 30+ years, we witnessed a dramatic change in technology, especially for the home. With products ranging from motion-sensor lighting, voice-activated kitchen appliances and even TVs that virtually disappear, it's hard to keep track of the latest home technology. The good news is that most companies are focusing their designs with nature in mind, offering you smarter products inspired by the natural world for a healthier lifestyle. Here are a few of our top tech picks for a smarter and greener home.


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1. Automated Window Treatments

Window treatments may seem like the last thing we could possibly think of when it comes to “green living,” but there are many important benefits to having automated window treatment. Consider the amount of energy that travels in and out of your home. As part of your heating and cooling system, you can block out the sun for rooms that need cooling or heat a room naturally and efficiently with the sun. Automated window treatments allow you to enhance the comfort of your home while saving you money.


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2. Centric Lighting

We must admit that opting for smart home products can be costly, but making the switch can actually save you hundreds of dollars and may even help to improve your health. Imagine a lighting system that automatically adjusts to help you fall asleep easier and wake up more rested. Well, that's the idea behind Human-Centric Lighting technology. Unlike your typical dimmable lighting system, centric lighting has proven to enhance productivity, comfort and overall health. Experts agree that different temperatures of white light affect sleep patterns and mood. With centric lighting, you can customize the features to help you stay focused and alert in your home office or kitchen. Human-Centric Lighting is the biggest breakthrough in residential lighting. It's hard to pass by the new LED technology especially when they are good for our health.


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3. Solar Windows and Shingles

We are all familiar with solar panels. We can easily distinguish them by their big and bulky designs laid out on either home or business roofs. Thanks to science, technology and a big help involving nature, solar panels have gone through a major upgrade. And we now have solar shingles. They offer homeowners a way to integrate solar energy without any noticeable difference to their roof. You can find them in modern or French style roof shingles. If that's not impressive enough, solar windows are expected to make a great hit in residential and commercial buildings in the near future. Solar windows are fully clear glass and frameless. It’s not only aesthetically pleasing but the cheapest way to generate electricity, changing the way we produce and collect energy. Solar windows and shingles are creating a revolution that goes beyond “living green.”


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4. Heating and Cooling Controls

Heating and cooling your home more efficiently and easily using a smart thermostat. You’ll never have to think about setting your heating or cooling system ever again when coming home from work. There are smart devices that work with your phone so you can set the temperature in your home by the time you arrive. A smart thermostat can also control the under-floor heating system which is very convenient for those who need to heat a particular room in the house. Another creative idea that is catching on to help with heating and cooling your home is by making “smart” decisions. Take advantage of nature’s seasons and temperature changes by understanding how the sun moves across the sky. By doing so, you can configure your windows and doors for the optimal heat and cool air to travel through at different seasons.


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5. Green Water

Of all the water features we could possibly have in our garden, outdoor ponds and rills are an excellent way to conserve precious water resource. Most rainwater systems are designed to be functional yet stylish. With an outdoor rainwater collection system, you can safely rinse rooted vegetable straight from your garden. You can also wash outdoor items like cars, tools and perhaps driveways which are all perfectly suited for untreated rainwater. Collecting rainwater is beautiful and pleasant, not only do they look amazing in your garden but also sounds beautiful as it falls into the collection system.

Technology is quickly changing our relationship with nature, but it shouldn’t change the way we connect with nature. By choosing smart products that are good for the environment and can help us adjust to that environment, the future is looking brighter and greener.