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5 Statement Home Decor Ideas Inspired by Pantone's Ultra Violet

At first glance, purple may seem like an unexpected hue to incorporate into your interior space. But Ultra Violet is a sophisticated color that is bold, alluring, and powerful. You can take this rich hue in many directions, whether it’s spicing up an old bedroom or adding brightness to a living room. Transform any environment with this versatile color and make a statement using Violet furniture and home decor. Here are our top five tips on how to introduce Ultra Violet into your home. Image via...

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7 Ways to Refresh your Spring Home Decor

Spring is here! And there are plenty of things to look forward to, including redecorating your home. This spring, introduce new colors and textures such as Ultra Violet floral prints into your home decor. Ultra Violet is a versatile color that works well with neutral colors, muted shades, pastel colors, as well as bold and dark colors. If purple doesn’t suit your interior style, peach, pink, blush, white, cream, brown, blue, green, or orange are excellent colors for the home. Here are 7 ways to revamp your...

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How to Incorporate Ultraviolet into Your Summer Wedding Theme

If you’re planning a wedding this summer, tie the knot in style with the 2018 Pantone Color of the Year: Ultraviolet. This quirky out-of-the-box color is unique, unexpected, and fashion forward. Go for an extraordinary wedding that will be unforgettable with Ultraviolet. Here are some of the best Ultraviolet wedding ideas to consider for your big day. Image via via  and 1 | Ultraviolet Wedding Cake For an elegant and...

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Lavish Vintage Decor Trends to Incorporate into Your Home

Home interiors are climbing up a notch with lavish decor this year. Romantic and opulent time periods are this season’s inspirations for home decor. Think Baroque, Rococo, Greek Revival, Neoclassical, and Victorian interiors. Get ready for lots of layering with prints and textures, dramatic colors, and a touch of gold. Walls, floors, and even ceilings will be immersed in everything from dark and soft to gold florals, big blooms, dark paisleys, illustrative and painterly details. This year, spring home decor is...

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6 Floral Spring Wedding Themes for 2018

Spring weddings are all about fresh colors, flowers, and a little bit of our favorite outdoor wedding ideas. Get ready for exciting new wedding colors and themes this year. While we love some classic wedding themes, we’re also excited to share some whimsical and absolutely gorgeous spring wedding ideas. If you’re tying the knot this spring, this read is for you! via 1 | Minimalist Wedding Wabi Sabi home decor was all about embracing simplicity, practicing humility,...

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8 Breathtaking Spring Wedding Color Trends for 2018

Tie the knot with style this year with refreshing spring wedding colors. Flowers are blooming and love is in the air! Choosing the right color palette is crucial in making your dream wedding come true. Ahead of exchanging marital vows with your partner this spring, we’ve put together a wedding color guide to help you pick the best 2018 colors for your spring wedding! Here are the top 10 most popular spring wedding color inspirations. via 1 | Navy Blue + Blush Pink A...

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