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7 Tile Trends to Refresh Your Floors and Walls

In the kitchen, backsplash tiles are one of the most important features. A backsplash adds color and personality to your kitchen decor while protecting the kitchen walls from splashes and splatters. Backsplash tiles can also be installed to extend from the kitchen wall to the countertop or to complement the kitchen countertop. In the bathroom, wall and floor tiles, especially shower tiles, protect the bathroom. Shower accent tiles add a decorative touch to the shower with color and style, while floor tiles...

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Create the Perfect Workspace to Boost Productivity

When it comes to designing the perfect workspace at home or in the office, it's very important to carefully consider how well it improves your productivity. How conductive a workspace is to productivity is affected by many factors, including lighting, furniture, organization, and accessories. It's time to revamp your workspace with these 5 simple updates. Image via Image via  and 1 | Lighting Maximize any natural...

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5 Home Decor Inspirations Using Succulents & Terrariums

Succulents can be bright in colors and rich in greens. Many terrariums feature gorgeous succulents that are unique and arranged or designed in creative ways. Succulents and terrariums also make great gifts and always stir up fun conversations. Here are some trendy home decor inspirations for your next terrarium project. Image via Image via  and 1 | Hanging Glass Terrariums for the Bedroom Create a magical, whimsical, and...

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9 Floral Spring Wreaths for a Welcoming Home

Spring is in the air, and it’s time to celebrate the warm weather and the new season with beautiful spring blossoms and floral home decor. Fresh flowers, big bloom prints, and floral patterns are standards that will be in every home this season. A unique and refreshing way to incorporate florals into your home decor is with spring wreaths. Whether your style is Chinoiserie Chic, rustic French country, modern farmhouse, or transitional, hanging a spring wreath on your door is a festive way to welcome guests and...

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5 Statement Home Decor Ideas Inspired by Pantone's Ultra Violet

At first glance, purple may seem like an unexpected hue to incorporate into your interior space. But Ultra Violet is a sophisticated color that is bold, alluring, and powerful. You can take this rich hue in many directions, whether it’s spicing up an old bedroom or adding brightness to a living room. Transform any environment with this versatile color and make a statement using Violet furniture and home decor. Here are our top five tips on how to introduce Ultra Violet into your home. Image via...

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7 Ways to Refresh your Spring Home Decor

Spring is here! And there are plenty of things to look forward to, including redecorating your home. This spring, introduce new colors and textures such as Ultra Violet floral prints into your home decor. Ultra Violet is a versatile color that works well with neutral colors, muted shades, pastel colors, as well as bold and dark colors. If purple doesn’t suit your interior style, peach, pink, blush, white, cream, brown, blue, green, or orange are excellent colors for the home. Here are 7 ways to revamp your...

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