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Wabi-Sabi: The Perfect Not-So-Perfect Lifestyle Trend of 2018

If you’re still looking for a new year’s resolution or want a healthier and more relaxed home and lifestyle, Wabi-Sabi might be the answer. Wabi-Sabi is based on the philosophy of finding happiness by accepting imperfection. So, shed all of your ideas that beauty can only be found in perfection. The healthier and more practical way to find contentment in daily life is simply to accept the fact that there’s always going to be a little mess somewhere and that it’s okay when things aren’t perfect. In fact, it...

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6 Beautiful Chinoiserie Chic Decor Trends for Spring

From blue and white decorative vases and porcelain ginger jars in every size to ornate wallpapers and upholstery and decadent lacquered tables and dressers, you can find chinoiserie motifs in many statement home decor and furniture pieces. The word “chinoiserie” comes from the French word “chinois” which means “Chinese.” Chinoiserie chic decorative styles and influences emerged during the 17th century when Europeans were trading with China and other East Asian countries. From crisp blue and white motifs to...

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What We're Loving: Versatile Turkish Towels and 9 Ways to Use Them

If you haven’t heard of a Turkish towel, it’s time you get to know them better. These towels can be used for multiple purposes. They can be used as a bath towel, a picnic blanket, tablecloth, and more. They’re made of 100% Turkish cotton, which gives them a super soft texture and high absorbency! In addition, they are really stylish and come in a variety of colors and patterns. However, their best feature is their fringed edges! I repeat, fringed edges! Keep reading to find out what else you can do with these...

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New Home Decor Ideas to Reflect your Personal Style for 2018

In 2018 home decor trends, expect to find luxurious touches with warm metal finishes such as brass, oil-rubbed bronze, and rose gold finishes. Prints, patterns, and textured pieces will accent the opulent home decor trends of 2018. Ultimately, 2018 will be dominated by muted colors, deep shades, and sensational millennial pink hues. Let’s take a closer look at these home decor ideas. image via  and 1 | Earthy but Intense Colors Simplify your home...

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7 Festive and Simple Gorgeous Holiday Table Setting Ideas

With the holiday season approaching quickly, you're keeping busy with shopping, cleaning, decorating, and (most importantly) spending time with friends and family. Don’t forget to add the final touches to the festivities with simple, but gorgeous table settings. Here are 7 easy table centerpieces and table decoration ideas to make your dinner table memorable for the holiday season. image via  and 1 | Fresh Cinnamon and Herbs Pair fresh linen...

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Pantone Color of the Year 2018: All About Ultra Violet

via Earlier last week, Pantone has chosen the color of the year for 2018. Every year, designers anticipate the next ‘it’ color that would define the upcoming year. Following last year’s color Greenery , is also a reflection of turbulent times, but it plans to bring peace and unity amidst the chaos. This cool purple is a political melding that hopes the blue and red (the colors used to represent liberal and conservative politics) can become a more harmonious purple. "It’s also the most...

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