5 Modern Beach House Design and Decor Ideas
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1. Relaxed Summer Home

For modern homes, effortlessly enhance the space by swapping out old rugs and accent pillows with new decorative prints. The trick with designing a coastal home is to use similar colors that are found at the beach. Shades of blue, seafoam green, crisp beige, and even honeycomb orange will help create the perfect modern coastal home. Toss out your outdated seashell decor in favor of lovely arabesque prints and soft neutral hues for an ambiance that feels equally soothing and inviting. To keep the space looking light and breezy, opt for greys and muted tones. Be sure to contrast the look by including one or two driftwood decor pieces.

Image via homecasa.me and Surya Skyline Geometric Pillow


Image via sandandsisal.com and MSI Havenwood Tile

2. Boardwalk Flooring

With the beauty of the boardwalk style as inspiration, bring the beach vibe into your home with beautiful wood-like chevron tile. Large or small, this supremely durable and gorgeous tile can be installed on both floors and walls, making them perfect for those who don’t want to sacrifice style for practicality. Allow natural light to flood into your bathroom to emulate that soothing and invigorating sun-drenched quality that is one of the main appeals of coastal living. For white-on-white hues, opt for either chrome or bronze hardware for a sleek and elegant coastal design. The contrast creates a refined oceanside atmosphere.


Image via goodhousekeeping.com and Fresca Potenza FVN8070GO Vanity

3. Waterfront Bathroom

Coastal living is not all anchor and mason jars. Transform a standard bathroom into a waterfront retreat by simply upgrading your vanity and repainting your walls. Color and texture may be the most important element for any beach house style home. For a minimalist beach house style, apply a soft blue hue onto your walls. Remove any unnecessary components and keep the accessories small and minimal in order to not overwhelm the look. For a pop of color that will highlight the waterfront theme, introduce an accent with a bold orange item.


Image via sandandsisal.com and Glazzio New England Cape Cod Glass Tile

4. Sophisticated Coastal Kitchen

Create a lovely splash in the kitchen with luxurious glass cut mosaic tile. A simple, earthly and coastal wave tile will help create the look without overwhelming the space. A clean and sophisticated kitchen can incorporate coastal design by using beach inspired colors and avoiding beach print theme. Add fresh flowers and greenery to the space to create a welcoming and refreshing coastal kitchen. Complement the look by applying the same hue onto your kitchen island. A sophisticated kitchen softened with coastal touches balances modern aesthetics with seaside sensibilities


Image via housebeautiful.com and Soho Studio Wooden Beige 4x12 Wood Look Tile

5. Coastal Cottage Living Room

Get the natural textures and color palette of this Scandinavian inspired beach house with wood-look subway tiles. Decorate the living room walls from the floor up with the dusty grey and beige 4x12 wood look tiles to achieve a modern look and breezy feel. This beautiful, low maintenance tile is the perfect balance between rustic design and beachy chic. Level up your design by incorporating reclaimed wood and distressed furniture for that coastal weathered feel. For a dramatic statement, include wall art with hints of marine-like decor. This will add a subtle hint of coastal charm without creating the typical seashell design.


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