5 Solutions to Make Your Small Bathroom Look Larger


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The bathroom is an essential part of any home which is why you must plan its design well. If you are like many homeowners with little to no space, you may want to consider making a few simple changes. Those changes can be as simple as brightening up the vanity area by using a large mirror to extend the space. It can mean updating your old vanities for something much lighter and airier to create a spacious feel. Here are our five small vanity ideas to make your bathroom look larger.


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1. Brighten Up The Room

The answer to how to make a small half bathroom look larger is to simply brighten up the space. First and foremost, ensure that you have enough natural lighting coming through the window. If your bathroom doesn’t get enough natural light, install vanity lighting above your mirror or a pair of vertical sconces on each side of the mirror. This setup provides the best lighting for any detailed tasks. Additionally, it will allow the space to feel much larger and brighter. For a minimalist and modern look, choose backlit or LED mirrors, which provide sufficient illumination without the need for extra lighting fixtures. They are a clever design choice for lighting up a small bathroom and cost-effective because LED lights can last a lifetime.


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2. Update Old Vanities

Swap out your old, bulky vanity with a wall-mounted or open vanity. A vanity cabinet in the bathroom can be a nice storage solution. However, it can also make your bathroom look outdated and small. Take advantage of the storage spaces found below your bathroom counter on a wall-mounted vanity. This will help you free up floor space and open up the room. Remember that when decorating a small bathroom to make it look larger, less is always more. Remove any unnecessary products from your counter to make your bathroom look tidy and spacious. Try small plants in the bathroom window and hide your towels and linen on the shelves.


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3. Use Large Mirrors

If you want your bathroom to feel larger, opt for a wide mirror that can fit length to length. This will “double” your bathroom space and give it a dramatically spacious look. You can choose a beautiful frame or go with a wall-to-wall custom size. Consider mirrored subway tiles for a beautiful elegant look that defines the classic bathroom design everyone loves. Another option is painting the walls with soft or cool colors. Go with serene color combinations like white or neutral shades: beige, powder blue, or soft grey. You can even add accent colors by accessorizing your bathroom space with soft colored tiling or shower curtains to make your bathroom look fresh, clean and large.


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4. Floating Vessel Sinks

Floating sink, also known as wall mount vessel sinks, may be the ultimate answer to making any small bathroom feel and look larger. Not only are they suitable for both commercial and residential uses, but rectangular shape sinks can also maximize your sink space and add the most beautiful look. Opt for a floating sink with lighter finishes. You can get the perfect details of wood-grained edges while maintaining a sleek and rustic style. Choose ceramic floating sinks with a good amount of counter space for a beautifully updated contemporary look.


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5. Clean and Organized

When you have a small bathroom, organizing your items can make a huge difference. Carefully rearrange and organize your products by using small shelves or storage units you can hide. Start by decluttering your shower nook. Remove any items you don’t use regularly and conceal them in the drawer of your vanity. You’ll know exactly where to find all your go-to items, ultimately saving time and easing stress. Opt for a mobile cart that doubles as storage and decor. You can store your candles and extra toilet paper rolls while still looking stylish. Turn your bathroom into a true zen zone by placing your towels over a traditional ladder. Be creative and add one or two wire baskets for the perfect rustic look that can also fit nicely in a modern and traditional design.