6 Beautiful Chinoiserie Chic Decor Trends for Spring

From blue and white decorative vases and porcelain ginger jars in every size to ornate wallpapers and upholstery and decadent lacquered tables and dressers, you can find chinoiserie motifs in many statement home decor and furniture pieces.

The word “chinoiserie” comes from the French word “chinois” which means “Chinese.” Chinoiserie chic decorative styles and influences emerged during the 17th century when Europeans were trading with China and other East Asian countries. From crisp blue and white motifs to fresh spring hues such as teal and orange, Chinoiserie home decor is clean and elegant.


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1 | Wall Art

Chinoiserie decor is extremely ornate and illustrated with motifs of nature. Easily incorporate this aspect of this decor trend by using wall art. There’s a wide variety of prints to choose from, comprised of different colors and designs — there’s even metallics! Make your wall art look authentic with decorative large format frames. The frame can be brass, gold, white, black, or any color as long as they are ornate. You should hang the prints at eye level. And if you hang multiples, keep them spaced closely (between 2 - 4 inches apart).


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2 | Statement Chairs & Lacquered Furniture

Chic sofas, loveseats, statement chairs, and dressers are the perfect furniture pieces that define chinoiserie chic home decor. Statement chairs can serve as a great focal point in a room and can fill in the missing gaps for the theme. A matching pair of statement chairs creates symmetry, which definitely helps with the chinoiserie look. To balance out the color, use neutral staple pieces like white couches or dressers. Bonus points if the dressers are lacquered. By the way, lacquered and wood finishes are not the same. Lacquered has a high gloss finish which is a signature feature of chinoiserie pieces.


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3 | Decorative Pillows

The appeal of Chinoiserie prints extends beyond porcelain and ceramics. Take it to the next level with decorative pillows for your matching statement chairs. The blue and white color combination is a classic and is easy to incorporate into your current home design. This color palette works great with natural materials like wood and terracotta. Throw a couple accent pillows here and there on your seating and you’re set!


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4 | Ginger Jars

If you’ve never heard of a ginger jar before, take note. Porcelain and ceramic are the most desirable pieces for a Chinoiserie chic home — especially if they are authentic antique ginger jars. The classic blue and white motifs can be traced back to traditional ginger jars of the early 9th century in ancient China. But it was during the 15th century when blue and white porcelain became a flourishing industry under the Ming dynasty.

While ginger jars were originally used to store and transport spices during trade, ginger jars have become beloved decorative objects in interior decor. The best thing about decorating with Chinoiserie porcelain and ceramic is that you can display them almost anywhere — on a table, dresser, bookcase, bath vanity, or even on the floor if you have a tall or large piece. Because chinoiserie ginger jars are such versatile statement pieces, they work well in different interior design styles, including traditional home decor, transitional home, eclectic style, industrial decor, Victorian, Art Deco, and Modern Midcentury.


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5 | Lamps

One of my favorite accessories for this trending style is a chinoiserie inspired lamp. They are effortlessly elegant and functional. Pair these lamps with a white lamp shade to keep the look clean and crisp. Let the body of the lamp get all the attention, while the lamp shade provides visual rest for the eyes. I tend to lean towards tall and slender lamps, but feel free to look into petite and stout lamps as well.


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6 | Wallpaper

If you want grandiose chinoiserie glamour, then go with big patterned wallpaper. You can change the whole ambiance of a room with wallpaper alone, which is great because it’s a super quick change for big makeovers. The wallpaper designs should include birds, trees, flowers, or eastern scenes that reflect the chinoiserie theme. Bonus points if you find a metallic one. Go for big patterns and designs for it to look vogue as opposed to smaller patterns that can get lost in the scheme of things. Also, this is your chance to experiment with color. Since wallpaper comes in so many options, pick dynamic colors that will totally make the room like light blues and pale yellows or moody dark colors, like plum and midnight blue for dramatic flair. Bold wallpapers are fantastic for making smaller spaces look larger, so consider putting them in a bathroom or walk-in closet.