6 Floral Spring Wedding Themes for 2018

Spring weddings are all about fresh colors, flowers, and a little bit of our favorite outdoor wedding ideas. Get ready for exciting new wedding colors and themes this year. While we love some classic wedding themes, we’re also excited to share some whimsical and absolutely gorgeous spring wedding ideas. If you’re tying the knot this spring, this read is for you!


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1 | Minimalist Wedding

Wabi Sabi home decor was all about embracing simplicity, practicing humility, enjoying the moment for what it is, and accepting the beauty of imperfection. This spring, tone it down with a simple and classic wedding theme. To celebrate a beautiful spring wedding, go all out with green, but keep it simple. Plenty of flowers and greenery, such as a beautiful landscape or garden, make the perfect and natural green backdrop and setting for a lovely spring wedding.

Opt for white linen (tablecloth and napkins) or soft and neutral colors such as ivory, cream, beige, or blush. Classic wedding colors make for a beautiful and “just perfect” traditional wedding. Add a touch of metallic to add a subtle but memorable accent to your special day. The best part of a traditional and timeless wedding color theme is that you can pretty much go for any colors for your wedding bouquet and wedding cake.


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2 | Earth Feel and Dreamy Vibe

Ultraviolet isn’t the 2018 Color of the Year without a reason. This year, be daring and unafraid to be different. Stand out with hints of ultraviolet at your spring wedding. For a fantasy woodland wedding, stick with vintage tableware, simple table settings, and wedding centerpieces. Natural colors with a bit of Rose Quartz or Ultraviolet and, perhaps, even a touch of silver or gold, achieve the perfect balance of sparkle and natural in this woodland spring wedding theme. It’s earthy but dreamy. Think rich brown and grey with a touch of soft color such as pink, purple, blue, or green. A beautiful nature scenery such as an orchard or grove and maybe even a waterfall will keep your wedding celebration uniquely low-key but remarkable.


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3 | Whimsical Eclectic

It’s your big day! Don’t be shy. Go all out with beautiful bright and deep colors for a truly magical wedding reception. Think vibrant jewel tones like pink, fuschia, purple, and even red and orange. With this color theme, you can also incorporate some yellow and blue. Whether you want a rainbow of colors or even just a few iridescent colors, take it up several notches with stunning colored lights.

Celebrate your wedding with an Arabesque style wedding reception complete with an illuminated tent or wedding canopy (which doubles as the perfect backup location in case it rains). Imagine a beautiful, whimsical garden wedding reception or Alice in Wonderland inspired dinner table setting and menu. Who knows? Wedding guests might really love tea and biscuits.


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4 | Boho Chic

Congratulations! You’re tying the knot, but you will always be a little free-spirited, independent, and never truly settle. You’re an explorer, and you’re taking on the big frontier with the love of your life. For a boho chic, Southwestern ranch wedding (whether or not you’re saying “I Do” at the Grand Canyon), create a bohemian wedding vibe for your guests with a succulent cake or succulent cupcakes. Toss in more greenery with succulent centerpieces and wedding bouquet. Show off all kinds of succulents in terracotta pots and throw in white lace, a decorative knitted blanket, or white fabric to enhance an effortlessly elegant outdoor wedding. Alternatively, you can arrange succulents in beautiful pots of sand or a sand dune for a desert wedding.


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5 | Industrial Chic

For an industrial chic wedding, think Edison bulbs, garlands, and string lights for your wedding decor. Edison lights can add a magical ambiance for an edgy but romantic rustic industrial wedding. Who said a warehouse or barnhouse wedding isn’t romantic? A unique way to show off an old building is to highlight the contrast between rustic and graceful. Decorate the stairs with a long floral and ivy garland. Add some string lights to the wedding garland. If there are any exposed bricks, hang Edison lights to draw subtle attention to the brick wall. Hang flowers or lights from beams and trusses. Make a unique industrial chic centerpiece with DIY gold light bulb decor.


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6 | Trendy Metallic Gold Wedding

If you just love trends and want to have the trendiest wedding of the year, go all out with rose gold (or copper), jewel tones, and fun geometric inspirations. Warm and intense colors like fuschia, coral, peach, red, and blue green look great in a trendy gold wedding decor. Metallic gold candles, votives, gold wedding cakes, gold shoes, metallic fonts for wedding invitations. Whatever you can think of or imagine in gold, just pour on the gold. Why not? It’s 2018!

Honorable Mention goes to marble -- a trendy decor pattern and material. Think engraved marble coasters as wedding favors. A marble looking marble cake! (Say that 3 times fast!)