6 Ways to Finish the Edges of Your Kitchen Backsplash
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Remodeling a kitchen always presents a fun design challenge. However, it can get stressful when you run into a snag, like trying to finish the edge of your DIY kitchen backsplash installation. There are several ways to finish the edge of a backsplash that you may not have heard about or just hasn’t crossed your mind until now. However, there are plenty of options for you to choose from when it comes to finishing a backsplash edge.


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1 | Trims

Using accent tile trims is the most common way to finish a kitchen backsplash edge. They have several shapes and types, so it can fit the style you desire. Some types of trim are bullnoses, flat liners, chair rails, pencil liners, and so on. Depending on your project, you could use one or several to achieve the look you’re going for. If you’re having trouble choosing one, ask your contractor which would fit the job or use the guide below:

bullnose-linerBullnoses are tiles with rounded edges that can blend into a wall seamlessly. It comes in single bullnose and double bullnose.
flat-linerFlat Liners are straight, flat, and versatile. There are many colors and materials to choose from.
chair-railsChair Rails are rounded and more decorative. They line up with an edge easily.
pencil-linersPencil Liners are thin and rounded. They come in a variety of colors and materials to match your home décor.

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2 | Metal Edges

The metal edge look is becoming more and more popular to finish the edge of tiles. It is a high-end look that can also match with your appliances. It is subtle and gives a chic detail to your everyday backsplashes.  Schluter edge strips can be used anywhere tiles are laid like backsplashes, floors, and showers. With an assortment of finishes and shapes, you’ll be able to find one that matches your design.


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3 | Glazed-Edge Tiles

This is a super simple solution that takes the stress out of having to choose yet another item to try and match your tiles. However, you have to make sure the tile you choose comes with glazed tiled edges or you can glaze the edges yourself. If you love mixing and matching tiles, feel free to choose a glazed edge tile that isn’t from the same tile series.


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4 | Caulked Edge

To keep your color count controlled, you can caulk an edge to finish it off instead of choosing a different colored trim. Grout caulk comes in a variety of colors that can match your grout or tiles, making it easier to design with. Take your time when you caulk because you’ll need to have a straight and smooth line for a professional look.


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5 | Create Your Own Bullnose Edge

Even though this is one of the more challenging ways to finish a tile edge, it is possible to achieve. If you chose a tile that doesn’t have a matching trim, you can ask your contractor to make you a custom one out of the current tiles you have. This usually works with natural stone tiles. If you are doing a DIY project, practice making the piece using extra tiles. Another possible solution is finding a place that makes custom bullnoses.


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6 | Have a Wooden Trim Edge

Try using a thin, wooden trim such as a quarter round. You can paint it the same color as the tile or as-is for a wooden frame look. You can experiment with different types of wood material or sizes to find the one that matches your tiles best.


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