6 Ways to Style Your Home with Decorative Pillows


1 | Prints for Eclectic Living Room

Eclectic living rooms are amazingly beautiful and inspiring. Being able to combine furniture and wall decor that reflect your personal taste, and incorporating a little bit of everything into the design becomes effortless. Like many great decor pieces in your home, it's important to share your identity and interests through decorative pillows. So mix fun prints from different cultures from all over the world for a strong statement. Choose several textured pillows to add depth into the space that draws the eye. Create a nice flow in the space by choosing solid hues for that pop of needed color. Just remember to have fun with it.

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2 | Solid Color for Classic Home

Solid colors may seem dull, but if you add several shades of colors and use varied pillow sizes, your living room will look absolutely stunning. You can change your entire living room by mixing in large square pillows and small rectangular pillows. This will help harmonize the different elements in the room and can easily be swapped around for your comfort. With the right amount of decorative pillows in solid pastel colors, you can create a cozy and restful ambiance. This will also soften the space without overwhelming the room.


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3 | Neatly Stacked for Minimalist Home

For a minimalist bedroom, keep it simple and clean by pairing your white bedspread with white pillows. This will not only brighten the space but will allow your room to feel larger and more spacious. Small bedrooms especially need to set an inviting atmosphere and nothing says “welcome” more than neatly organized pillows. To help declutter your bed, use two to three soft textured pillows that are appealing to the eye and soft to the touch. By using soft textured pillows, you can add that touch of personality while keeping the room nicely clean.


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4 | Linen for Natural / Eco Chic Home

Linen pillows and sheets are the most loved fabric in every bedroom because they are super soft and very comfortable. The major benefits of natural linen are their hypoallergenic and antibacterial qualities. When paired with your favorite greenery, you can create an airy and relaxed atmosphere. Because linen is known for their light and slightly rough texture, pairing them with browns and neutral colors can create a rustic and all natural feeling that is perfect for an eco-chic home. Mix light shades of natural linen to create a wonderfully soft and inviting home.


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5 | Grey, Cream, and White for Modern Home

Three tone color palettes are in, especially when there are textures involved. Similar to minimalist design, you can create a serene and calm environment by opting for light greys and white pillows and sheets. They are interestingly pleasing and very beautiful. Choose from several textures, ranging from hand stitch, handwoven and embroidery to create visual interest in your living space. Choosing a three tone color palette can produce a more casual and comfortable home decor. And if you want to create a posher and high-end look, layer textured and solid colors pillows together.


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6 | Customized Decorative Pillows

Customized pillows are an easy and budget-friendly way to revitalize any room. They add personality and a burst of color to any room. Monogrammed pillows with your initials are great for a modern look. Add a family photo to your favorite pillow for an unforgettable accent in the living room. Customized decorative pillows add the perfect touch to children’s bedrooms because they are so versatile. You can easily switch them out for every style or season. Customized DIY pillows are the perfect gift as a keepsake baby pillow, especially since they are rather easy to make. Whichever style you decide to choose, decorative pillows are a fun and fabulous way to add color to your home.