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Smart Home Technologies Inspired by Nature

In the last 30+ years, we witnessed a dramatic change in technology, especially for the home. With products ranging from motion-sensor lighting, voice-activated kitchen appliances and even TVs that virtually disappear, it's hard to keep track of the latest home technology. The good news is that most companies are focusing their designs with nature in mind, offering you smarter products inspired by the natural world for a healthier lifestyle. Here are a few of our top tech picks for a smarter and greener home....

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These Tiles are Great for Small Bathrooms!

They say good things come in small packages. This can certainly be extended to small spaces. In fact, small bathrooms are much easier to design since they don’t require much planning. By carefully choosing bold decor pieces with stylish hardware and tiles, your powder room can look beautiful, stunning, and even look bigger than it is! Read below for our top five tiles to install to give small bathrooms a more spacious look and feel. Image via Soho Studio Fragments Ash...

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Better to Use Ceramic or Porcelain Tiles?

At some point, anyone who has embarked on a tile installation has had to answer the question of whether it would be better to use ceramic or porcelain tile. Quite frankly, it all depends on the environment in which you plan to install tiles. Whether it's your bathroom, basement, or kitchen, each space has its own conditions to consider. To help you get started on how to select the correct tile material for your home, read about these useful tips. Image via  and

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Interior Designer Spotlight: Nicole Dela Cruz of IQ Design

The focus of our next installment in our ‘Interior Designer Spotlight’ blog series is an interior designer whose career path began in fashion design. Since fashion design is considered to be a form of art and requires so many of the same skills and talents required of interior design, it’s only natural to expect that a fashion design background would be beneficial when applied to designing spaces. Indeed, browsing through her portfolio, Nicole Dela Cruz of  IQ Design Group has been able to translate her...

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Tips on How to Grout and Seal Tiles Like a Pro

Whether you are installing or repairing tiles, it is important to understand how to properly grout and seal your tiles. So when is the best time to seal tiles? We recommend applying 3-4 days after grouting and reapplying every year. To learn more about how to keep your tiles and grout looking new and beautiful, read below for our top tips and tricks. Image via Image via 1 | Thinset vs Grout Before you start sealing your tiles, make sure you understand what...

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Yes, Tiles Can Be Painted! Here's How

Image via  and 1 | Location The first step is to understand where the tile is currently located. Depending on where the tile is installed, there may be special considerations. Is the tile in your kitchen used as a backsplash? Fireplace detailing? Or the bathroom floor? Location is very important as it determines how the tile’s surface may need to be treated and prepared prior to painting. Bathrooms tiles, for example, may require an additional top coat to help seal areas...

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