7 Tile Trends to Refresh Your Floors and Walls

In the kitchen, backsplash tiles are one of the most important features. A backsplash adds color and personality to your kitchen decor while protecting the kitchen walls from splashes and splatters. Backsplash tiles can also be installed to extend from the kitchen wall to the countertop or to complement the kitchen countertop. In the bathroom, wall and floor tiles, especially shower tiles, protect the bathroom. Shower accent tiles add a decorative touch to the shower with color and style, while floor tiles prolong your floors in high traffic rooms such as the bathroom.

When it comes to floor tiles and wall tiles, the variety of materials to choose from include glass, natural stone, mirror, metal, brick, wood, porcelain, ceramic, and mixed mosaic tiles. Besides the different materials and colors you can choose from, tiles also come in all kinds of beautiful textures, shapes, and designs, such as arabesque tiles, subway tiles, and 3D tiles. Whether you prefer a traditional look or a transitional decor, here are some of our favorite tile trends for floors and walls to refresh your home.


Image via goldenandpine.com and decoholic.org

1 | Ceiling Height Backsplash for the Kitchen

Traditionally, backsplash tiles are installed on wall areas between kitchen cabinets and the countertops and behind the sink or stove. The standard height or measurement between the kitchen counter and the underside of wall cabinets is between 4 to 18 inches, which is the typical height of backsplash walls. Even without cabinetry, backsplash tiles are usually installed as if they have reached the underside of invisible wall cabinets.

Break from the traditional backsplash installation and go for a ceiling height backsplash. Make a statement in the kitchen with the awe-inspiring look and feel of a high backsplash wall. In addition to a fresh new backsplash, you may want to get rid of wall cabinets entirely and opt for open shelves instead. Ceiling height backsplash tiles create the light and airy feel of a modern kitchen. Highlight an area, create a focal point, or just add some style and color. Taking the backsplash tiles to ceiling height is the perfect solution for upgrading the look of any kitchen, which can be further enhanced by large windows that open the space to natural light and open shelving.


2 | New Porcelain and Ceramic Tile Patterns and Shapes

If you love the wood look but want the durability and easy maintenance of ceramic and porcelain tiles, read on. Porcelain and ceramic tile patterns are no longer plain and boring. Fun geometric tile patterns and hexagon tiles are two of the most popular styles, right now. Hexagon tiles are classic with a twist. Geometric patterned tiles add a fun abstract touch to the bathroom or kitchen. Black and white tiles are popular in hexagon and geometric tiles.

Update traditional subway tiles by laying them in herringbone or chevron pattern. This trendy new tile pattern allows you to use classic subway tiles to create a fresh, new feel. Try the regular herringbone tile pattern or the stacked herringbone layout. Alternatively, go for long chevron tiles or short-and-chic chevron tiles. Any of these tile patterns can be classic and bold or chic but subtle. Whichever tile pattern you choose, chevron and herringbone tiles are fun alternative subway tile patterns.


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3 | Talavera Spanish Tiles & Mexican Tiles

One of our favorite trends is Talavera Spanish and Mexican tiles. Hands down, these are the most colorful and unique tile looks especially among hand-painted ceramic tiles or porcelain tiles. Talavera tiles have traditionally been the perfect decorative tiles for small kitchens. Contrary to what you might think, colorful tiles with bold prints and patterns make a small room appear larger. This is simply because such bold tiles demand such immediate attention that the size of the space becomes unnoticeable. Talavera tiles are normally made of ceramic tiles. There are many painted tile options to choose from, including painted ceramic tiles and painted porcelain tiles.

Not only are Talavera tiles unique and fun, they also add a rich historical and cultural touch to a traditional, modern, eclectic, or transitional home decor. They can be installed as kitchen backsplash tiles, floor tiles, bathroom accent wall tiles, sink and countertop tiles, and even on DIY projects like Talavera mirrors and Talavera tables. While Talavera tiles and home decor are popular in spring and summer, you can have that bright and summery feel year-round inside the home with colorful Talavera tiles. Just keep in mind that Talavera products are meant for warm weather. Unless they are rated for cold outdoor climates, temperature drops, rain, and snow, authentic Talavera tiles should be installed indoors. Luckily, today’s tile options are highly durable, easy to maintain, frost resistant, and can be used indoors or outdoors. You can find beautiful painted tiles for almost any room or surface in your home. The aesthetics of Talavera tiles are hard not to fall in love with. They make great conversation pieces while adding style, color, history, culture, and functionality to the kitchen, bathroom, garden, patio, or any room.


4 | Wood Look Floor Tiles

Distressed wood look tiles and reclaimed wood tiles add dimension and character to a kitchen floor or bathroom floor. Wood look tiles have a multi-tone, earthy, rustic, and natural appearance, and can add directional visual interest. With wood look tiles, you can have the reliable durability of porcelain and ceramic tiles but the aesthetics of wood. Wood look tiles are available as tile planks in varying lengths and widths. They can be installed in random or staggered patterns for a more refined look.

Now you can get the warm look of natural hardwood floors in the kitchen and bathroom or any room. Wood look tiles enhance an Industrial Chic, transitional home, or Wabi-Sabi home decor. Wood look tiles are usually used as floor tiles and can be installed in the bathroom to create a serene ambience that’s enhanced with the aesthetics of natural wood. For a true touch of nature, incorporate plants in the bathroom, kitchen or any room. Plants always complement any home decor, especially wood look tiles and real wood tiles.

bathroom-concrete-minimalist-wall-floor-tileImage via twthomas.co

5 | Concrete Look Tiles for Bathroom

Concrete look tiles may not be your first choice for bathroom walls or indoor application. But you might want to consider concrete wall tiles and floor tiles as an alternative to precast tiles. Concrete look tiles are budget-friendly, beautiful, and versatile. While other tile materials are often available in standard sizes, with concrete look tiles, you are not limited to typical square or subway tile shapes. Concrete also allows you to create your own aesthetics with imprinted patterns, 3D concrete tile designs or dimensional tiles, or even with painted concrete tiles.

For a Wabi Sabi inspired bathroom or Minimalist home decor, concrete is the perfect solution. It is clean, simple, and affordable. Additionally, concrete tiles are sustainable and environmentally friendly since concrete tiles can be made from recycled glass and other products. If you’re looking for a new way of experiencing your interior space, consider concrete tiles as an option for walls and floor tiles.


6 | Large Format Ceramic Floor Tiles

Large format floor tiles (and wall tiles) are gaining popularity because they are easy to maintain. One of the most important advantages of large format tiles is that there are fewer grout lines which also means less cleaning. The dramatic look of large format tiles is also appealing since large format tiles create a smoother appearance on walls and floors. Large format tiles offer a clean, sleek, and dramatic look. Available in glass, porcelain, natural stone, and concrete, you can create a trendy look with large format tiles. Thanks to new porcelain tile technology, large format tile designs now include wood look, metal look, printed, stone look, and even fabric look.

If you have big open spaces, such as a large family room, master bedroom, master bathroom, or large kitchen, large format tiles are a great option. You can make the space appear even bigger by camouflaging grout lines with same color tiles. Large format tiles can also be used in small spaces such as the laundry room or a small bathroom as long as the tiles are not too large and out of proportion. In small rooms, the illusion of wider floor space and walls can be accomplished with large format tiles. This is because large format tiles cover more surface per tile piece and therefore reflect more light. The trick to achieving success in the small room application of large format tiles is to make sure the tiles are not too large. Maximize the effect by matching grout and tile colors and sticking with light hues.


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7 | Large Subway Tiles

If the classic subway tile look is what you love most, stick with it! But consider large subway tiles instead of the standard 3x6 subway tiles. Subway tiles are available in different sizes, including 4x12, 3x6, 4x16, and even 12x24 inches. For a trendy look, opt for narrow and long subway tiles.

Since subway tiles are the most popular tile shape, you can be sure to find endless materials, designs, styles, and colors in subway tiles. Switch up the look with different grout color options. For example, if you want a bolder look, contrast black and white tile with a grout color that defines grout lines. For a more subtle look, stick with similar grout and tile colors. Brighten dim spaces with colored subway tiles or stick with classic white for a timeless decor.