9 Floral Spring Wreaths for a Welcoming Home

Spring is in the air, and it’s time to celebrate the warm weather and the new season with beautiful spring blossoms and floral home decor. Fresh flowers, big bloom prints, and floral patterns are standards that will be in every home this season. A unique and refreshing way to incorporate florals into your home decor is with spring wreaths. Whether your style is Chinoiserie Chic, rustic French country, modern farmhouse, or transitional, hanging a spring wreath on your door is a festive way to welcome guests and decorate your home.


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1 | Classic Tulip Wreaths

Tulips and daffodils are two of the most popular spring flowers. The classic look of tulips is perfect for decorating your patio or porch, table centerpiece, or any room or spot in the home. Hang a full tulip wreath with bright red and pink for a feminine home decor or stick with classic white, ivory, cream, or yellow tulips. These colors pop against a black or white painted door but also contrast nicely with natural wood doors. For a polished home or traditional decor, tulips lend a more formal look. Alternatively, you can hang a daffodil spring wreath for an everyday look and then switch it out with a tulip wreath for special occasions such as birthday parties, bridal showers, baby showers, Mother’s Day or Father’s Day, or even just a Sunday brunch.


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2 | Big Bloom Wreaths

Big blooms are frilly, romantic, feminine, and lush. Ruffled flowers such as peonies make an elegant statement when arranged into a spring wreath. Lush flowers such as ranunculus and hydrangeas are also great choices for showing off spring decor. Alternatively, you can create your own gorgeous spring wreath with bunches of sweet peas and freesias on a foundation of ivy or other greenery. If you are going the DIY route, add more flowers for a fuller and more lush spring wreath. Other flowers you might want to consider are magnolias and lilies. Magnolias are magnificent for a Victorian home decor, and lilies look great in a front garden. If you like the look of magnolia or any flower, incorporate a few big blooms with other types of flowers such as jasmine and periwinkle in your spring wreath. Add ribbons or bows to complete the look.


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3 | Lavender & Lace Door Decor

For a subtle spring home decor, consider lavender and lace spring wreaths. The soft and subtle color of lavender makes the perfect decoration for a quaint countryside home. Whether your style is French Provence or English garden, lavender is the perfect complement and has the added bonus of having a relaxing fragrance. Queen Anne’s lace is another flower you can consider if you want a dainty and feminine decorative touch for a charming rustic front door or entryway. Other names that this beloved flower goes by are Bishop’s lace, bird’s nest, and wild carrot. Whatever name you prefer to call it, this elegant flower adds the perfect delicate touch and creates a sweet welcome to a spring home. Pair these flowers with ivy on a grapevine wreath and maybe even a few berries for a finishing touch.


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4 | Farmer's Market Herb Wreath

Add an unexpected touch to your spring wreath with fresh herbs. An all green wreath can be just as refreshing, beautiful, and inviting as any floral wreath. Alternatively, you can use dried sage, thyme, rosemary, lavender, eucalyptus, or even olive leaves for your spring wreath. It’s fun, unique, and smells delicious! For another look, incorporate lemons, oranges, and other citrus fruits in your spring wreath. Your guests will be sure to follow their noses from the front door or garden right into the kitchen! Talk about a farm (or garden) to table experience.


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5 | Bird Wreaths

If flowers just really aren’t your thing but you want a spring wreath for a welcoming home, bird’s nest wreaths are a great alternative. There’s a number of other names that this bird wreath inspiration goes by, including birdhouse wreath, birdcage wreath, bird egg wreath, and bird's nest wreath. Get the look with wooden eggs and moss. Incorporate robins’ eggs and feathers or ribbons to add style. This is the perfect look for a farmhouse or country chic home. You can also consider fun spring creatures such as ladybug themes, birds, butterflies, or bees. If you change your mind and want to incorporate a floral touch, you have many options to choose from, including small flowers, such as wildflowers, or big blooms. However, for this look, a birdhouse wreath or bird’s nest wreath looks best with lavender, Forsythia, any wildflower, or even flowers such as daffodils or daisies.


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6 | Rain Boot Wreath or Umbrella Spring Door Decor

For the ultimate personal touch or statement, opt out of traditional spring wreaths and opt-in for a rain boot or umbrella with flowers spring door decor. Show off your fun personality with a colorful white and red polka dot umbrella or any color rain boot. This decorative front door idea is perfect for anyone who loves the outdoors and doesn’t mind getting muddy in the rain. Celebrate the enjoyable spring weather with rain boot wreaths or umbrella wreaths. Make your own DIY rain boot door decor or wreath by placing a sturdy glass vase or container in each boot to hold fresh flowers. Viola! You’re ready for spring!


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7 | Bucket Spring Wreaths

Hang a recycled basketweave bin or a tin bucket, such as a tin soap box or tin cookie box, to hold a bouquet of flowers. This French-inspired spring decor is charming and sweet. You can also use a galvanized bucket or a flower pot from the garden. Personalize your spring wreath with a monogram letter or greeting. If you don’t have a nice container or bucket for your bucket spring wreath, just line any wicker basket or fruit basket from the farmer’s market with moss to hold faux flowers.


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8 | Monogram Spring Wreaths & Letter Wreaths

There’s nothing more personalized than a monogram spring wreath. For this look, you can use fresh flowers, faux flowers, or no flowers. Some good materials to use include fabric ribbons, burlap ribbons, metal or wood letters, pom poms, tulle, and paper. You can add a monogram letter to a spring wreath or you can create a floral monogram with flowers! However you prefer to show off a special initial, you can be sure that a monogram spring wreath is as inviting as any spring wreath.

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9 | Rustic Wildflower Wreath

If vintage home decor or rustic farmhouse is your style, make a statement with an antique touch with a dried flower wreath. With a vintage-inspired spring wreath, choose small flowers or wildflowers since they age better than big blooms. For vintage inspired spring wreaths, the simpler the better. Instead of a full floral spring wreath, keep one half of the wreath bare or just tie it with a ribbon such as a burlap or lace ribbon. Let the wildflowers hang naturally free. The loose arrangement of flowers enhances the vintage or antique look. If you have a vintage or antique piece that you want to incorporate, such as a vintage hat or picture frame, just securely pin or tie dried flowers to the object and you’re good to go.

Let us know which of these spring wreath ideas you like or want to learn more about in the comments below. We’re always looking for ways to be inspired with home decor.