5 Top Lighting Trends for 2019: Newest Tips and Ideas

From modern pendant lights and industrial lighting to Japanese inspired designs and European chandeliers, lighting is an important element that defines intimate and functional spaces around the home. Whether you are thinking about brightening up a hallway or making a statement in the kitchen or dining room, these interior light fixture trends for 2019 are the perfect decor piece for your home.


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1 | Globe Pendants

If you’re looking to make a statement with a versatile, chic, and stylish light fixture, consider a globe pendant. Inspired by Modern Midcentury home decor, the globe pendant is retro yet fresh. The simplicity of its clean round silhouette makes the globe pendant a great option for the modern eclectic or traditional home. The globe pendant is a perfect size and emits the right amount of light suitable for the bathroom, kitchen, or foyer.


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2 | Industrial Lighting Pendants

Contemporary Industrial Chic lighting is a popular lighting style that adds a unique and rustic touch to any home decor. Industrial utility pendant lights can help tie together the elements of an industrial kitchen or workspace. Oversized industrial lights make a statement in any room, including the living room. Warm up a seemingly cold metal feel with warm tones such as copper or rose gold and balance metal light fixtures with the warmth of an exposed brick wall. Edison light bulbs and glass pendant lights are another good way to get an industrial look that has a warm feel.


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3 | Modern Farmhouse Pendant

With clean sleek lines and a simple silhouette, the modern pendant light can make the perfect statement in any room. Pendant lights are popularly positioned in the kitchen over an island or in the dining room above the dining table. Pendant lights can be installed together as a series of three lights, but two pendant lights or one standalone pendant light look great also. Pendant lights are transitional with its minimalistic style and nostalgic Modern Midcentury aesthetic. If you like the pendant light look but want a unique touch, consider Moroccan-inspired pendant lights to add a decorative touch to your home.


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4 | European Chandelier

Add instant glamour to your home with a decadent old world charm, new age flair chandelier. Take your kitchen or dining room decor up a notch with a crystal chandelier in a traditional style or opt for a simpler but still elegant contemporary chandelier. When choosing a chandelier, the most important things to consider are ceiling height, light fixture length, overall size or proportion of the chandelier to the room, and the space between the bottom of the chandelier and any tabletop surface if you are hanging a chandelier above a table.


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5 | Japanese Inspired Lighting

If you want something totally different but balanced, consider Japanese inspired lighting designs. Think natural materials like bamboo or paper. Japanese style lights are often simple, geometric, and come in natural or neutral colors. A bamboo hanging lantern or ceiling lantern looks great in a serene bathroom, bedroom, or kitchen. Complement the natural vibe with plants and minimalistic home decor items, simple lines, and a balanced arrangement throughout your home.

Balance gorgeous lighting fixtures around your home with natural lighting. The right lighting creates smooth transitions from one adjacent room to the next. Define whether spaces are functional spaces or relaxation spaces in your home. One of the most important things you need to do when considering lighting in your home is to plan out your space. Consider ceiling heights, tabletops and other surfaces, and ambiance. Take advantage of dimmable lights to create the perfect mood for any situation.

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