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10 Easy DIY Home Improvements Under $50
Styling your home doesn’t have to be pricey. There are tons of home improvements under $50 that will instantly upgrade your home. By simply painting your front door or swapping your lighting fixtures, you can change the overall look. Follow these simple design tips and tricks, and make your home feel brand new for under $50!
Choosing the Best Vanity for Your Space
If it’s one thing a bathroom needs, it’s a vanity. It takes care of everything from storage to helping you get ready for the day and it ties the bathroom together. However, when choosing a vanity, there are 6 things that should be considered before purchasing.
6 Genius Design Tips for Planning a Kitchen that Fits Your Budget
While there is no magic formula for a kitchen remodeling project, there are smart ways to cut costs to help you stay in budget for your dream kitchen remodeling project. We've listed 6 ways for you to save money!
5 Steps to Keep Your Tiles Looking Like New
We’ll be discussing how to clean and maintain tiles effectively, so they can last to keep your home looking beautiful. Tiles are a gorgeous addition to your floors, backsplashes, and walls that bring your home closer to perfection. However, everyday things like spills, dust, foot traffic, and time ages your tiles. A bit of TLC will perk them right up and get them back to their original condition. Please read further for tips.
6 Ways to Finish the Edges of Your Kitchen Backsplash
Remodeling a house always presents a fun design challenge. However, it can get stressful when you run into a snag, like trying to finish the edge of a kitchen backsplash. There are several ways to finish the edge of a backsplash that you may not have heard about or just hasn’t crossed your mind until now. However, there are plenty of options for you to choose from when it comes to finishing a backsplash edge.
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