Create the Perfect Workspace to Boost Productivity


When it comes to designing the perfect workspace at home or in the office, it's very important to carefully consider how well it improves your productivity. How conductive a workspace is to productivity is affected by many factors, including lighting, furniture, organization, and accessories. It's time to revamp your workspace with these 5 simple updates.

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1 | Lighting

Maximize any natural lighting available. Natural light is super important when it comes to staying focus. It helps lower your stress level and gives the office an open and airy feel. If you have an office without windows or natural lighting, there is a solution. It all comes down to choosing the right lighting and the type of bulb you use to illuminate it. Stick with soft white light, which can make the area feel fresh and bright, especially when paired with other white materials. Install lighting fixtures above your desk to create an ambient glow that prevents eye strain. And if you're sharing the workspace with others, make sure you include other forms of lighting such as desk and floor lamps.


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2 | Plants and Natural Greens

Plants can boost concentration levels and increase work satisfaction because they make us feel connected to the outside world. They not only encourage productivity but also clean the air. Talk about a refreshing environment! Have an empty spot on your desk? Opt for small planters; the more the merrier. Choose several sizes and place them on the corner of your desk or hang your planters for a fun look. Having plants in the office is super fresh and makes your workspace more attractive. Succulents and terrariums work great in providing accent colors to natural browns or wooden materials. Need more inspirations on how to choose the right succulent or terrarium? Read our blog on how to use succulents and terrariums as home decor pieces.


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3 | Stationery and Accessories

Add personality to your workspace and make it your own by choosing stationeries and desk accessories in your favorite colors and patterns. What’s great about this idea is that you have the option to highlight your personal style or follow the current trend. Because there are so many options when it comes to stationeries and accessories, you can switch between personal style or current trend at any time, swapping items whenever you feel like a little change. If your desk is dominantly white, opt for stationeries with florals, blush pink or a hint of gold for a nice and elegant look. Choose soft violet accessories when pairing with rustic materials. This creates a shabby chic look. They’re cute, warming and add a lovely touch to antique. Remember, your workspace is your domain. With several planners, notepads, clocks and large to small format calendars, the options for beautifying your office with accessories are endless. So have fun and just go for it!


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4 | Storage and Organization

Let’s be honest, workspaces can get a little messy, especially if you’re in a creative environment. But with a little bit of organization and good storage units, you can conquer any messy desk. There are two types of organization solutions: open and closed. Both solutions work well for storing and decluttering, so choosing is a matter of personal preference. The most popular and the favorite organization solution for studio environment workers is the open organization. It works best when there are a lot of tools and supplies that are frequently accessed and used. Using peg boards is an amazing way to organize your items above your desk so they are readily available when you need them. And clean up is a breeze when you can easily see the space where each item goes. This solution is perfect to display your items as home decor pieces. Keep it in the same color scheme as it will help achieve a cohesive and polished look. Hiding your mess doesn’t make it any better. Keep your desk from looking messy by using several dividers or small cubbies. These will keep everything in the right place and nicely organized. You can even color coordinate your dividers.


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5 | Rugs and Pillows

Define your workspace by opting for soft rugs and accent pillows. Having an ideal comfort level is important and is key to staying active in the office. Soft rugs under desks work great in small spaces, where they add life and color. Rugs provide insulation against furniture movements and help with absorbing and reducing noise. Pillows and cushions can be used to add that pop of color to your workspace. Your personality is sure to shine. What's great about pillows is that they provide comfort and warmth to your office. Adding pillows is a perfect method to soften any hard surface or heavy colors in the room. Make sure you pair your accent pillows with your stationeries and accessories.

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