How to Design a Commercial Space: Cafe Edition

So, you're a new business owner and have a solid plan for your cafe. You’ve secured an awesome location with just the right square footage. Now comes one of the most important parts, the design. The main goal when designing a cafe or restaurant is to create a pleasant atmosphere that allows it to stand out from the others. Customers are looking to have the best experience, which means you want your space to have the optimal mix of comfort and energy. An amazing ambiance is achieved with the right circulation, flow, color, and lighting. Let’s look at 6 major interior design tips on how to successfully design your dream cafe.


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1. Design To Impress

Cafe shops around the world have a few specific things in common: they’re inviting, cozy and functions as a place for all things social. Strengthen your brand and set your cafe apart by designing around your unique menu. Work with the same color scheme and fonts found on your website, social media, and even small packaging. Having a consistent look online and in the physical space resonates with customers. Your brand identity will help differentiate your business from other cafes in the area. Remember that when a cup of coffee leaves the cafe, it becomes a mini advertisement for your brand. The right design and product layout work to better present items in your cafe while creating a comfortable and welcoming environment.


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2. Color Psychology

Related to brand identity, research shows that color affects our emotions, body, and mind. The last thing you would want to do is to use a combination of colors that would drive your customers away. Use colors to elicit the desired customer reaction. Red is the color of energy, excitement, and induces appetite. Yellow is associated with joy, happiness, intellect, and energy. You want to make sure your choice of color will not overwhelm your guest or cause a distraction. To learn more about colors and how to pair them well, try experimenting with colors. Use paint samples or swatches to help you compare and layer colors. Using the right combination and proportion of colors in your café to positively affect customers and, ultimately, boost sales.


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3. Lighting Matters

Interior lighting is one of the most crucial parts of your design. It can make or break the customer experience since aesthetics is so critical to the ambiance. When designing your cafe lighting, consider using the layering technique. With ambient lighting as your base, use accent lighting to showcase any artwork or highlight any special pieces within the interior space. Install accent lighting above your checkout counter or snacks section to bring attention to specialty products. Decorative cafe lighting can also add beauty to the surface. With the right amount of decorative lighting and hues in the space, you can create a subconsciously positive mood that stimulates the appetite for your customers.


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4. Tech-Friendly Cafe

One thing you’re bound to notice is how many people are on their mobile devices and laptops. When planning your furniture layouts, consider placing multiple outlets or include USB ports nearby. Having a few USB sockets ready in your cafe will encourage guests to stay longer and maybe get another cup of coffee or snack. USB outlets, adaptors, and wall sockets are inexpensive and easy to install, giving you a low-cost way to make your cafe a little more tech-friendly.

Interior Art and Design for Cafe

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5. Interior Art and Decor

Café interior decoration is a combination of several visual and pragmatic aspects. When setting out interior art and decor in your café, your main focus is to attract customers while simultaneously enhancing a beautiful and relaxed environment. By including the right amount of colors and materials within your cafe theme, you can successfully create the perfect balance of visual interest and mellow ambiance. Consider how you can transform the space to accentuate your guests’ feeling of being in a new space rather than their usual. Remember to use the same font, style, and color found on your menu to keep the design consistent.

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6. Furniture Layout

The right layout promotes customer traffic flow and efficient use of space. A well thought out floor plan and layout can effectively present retail items while creating a comfortable environment for your staff and guests. For example, setting up the ordering station close to the door, and the pick-up station at the back of the cafe, invites customers to walk through the whole cafe. It is also important that the style and design of your café furniture complement the overall atmosphere and theme of your café. Overall, your cafe furniture should provide a sense of balance and comfort.