How to Pick the Best Lighting for Every Room

Lighting plays an important role in interior design. It can enhance the look of small spaces, illuminate specific areas in the kitchen, and, most importantly, lighting can enhance our mood. With so many lighting designs on the market, finding the right lighting solution for your home can be daunting. Rest assured, we have done the hard work for you and narrowed down some key tips to help you find the perfect lighting for your home.


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1. Luxurious Living Room

There are various ways to brighten up your family room. However, one major tip is simply optimizing natural lighting. Take advantage of your glass sliding doors and bay windows, whether they are small or large. Natural lighting has been proven to make people feel happier, healthier, calmer and more productive. But what if there just isn’t enough natural light? 

To create an inviting and luxurious feel for your living room, install a bold fixture as your central focal point. Chandeliers are not only beautiful but they radiate light in all directions, making them the perfect lighting solution for living rooms or spaces with minimal natural light. Include table or floor lamps as a secondary light source to help highlight a specific area where you perform a task. Place 1 or 2 light sources on top of furniture or the corner of the room to create a soft ambiance when your chandelier is off for the night.


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2. Intriguing Kitchen 

The kitchen is the heart and soul of all homes. For the most effective and attractive kitchen lighting design, focus more on task lighting. Task lighting provides illumination in specific areas in your kitchen and can help highlight items on your counter. One quick and easy lighting solution to consider is installing LED light strips below or above your kitchen cabinets. Break up the kitchen into small sections, focusing on areas where you spend the most time cutting and preparing your meals. For glass door cabinets or open shelvings, strip lights will add a beautiful touch to your kitchen backsplash and will help highlight your favorite items. For closed cabinets and drawers, opt for a dot lighting solution. Most dot lighting systems are battery operated and have motion sensors. These are great for those who need more light in their spice cabinets or utensil drawers. Their compact size is simply attractive and ideal to create a focused pool of light when you need it.


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3. Creative Bedroom 

To create a beautiful, well-lit and balanced bedroom, think warm and soft. Bedrooms are for rest and relaxation. You want to provide enough light for getting dressed, while keeping the warm tone for relaxing. To achieve this, recessed lighting fixtures are your best bet. Controlled by a dimmer, you have the ability to adjust the lighting during the day for getting ready or dim the lights before bed. As with any other room, you want to include additional task lighting. If you tend to read before bed, installing wall sconces on either side of the bed is ideal; just remember to keep the light clear of the direct eye line. Style your room with decorative rope lighting by creating a focal point above your bed.


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4. Updated Bathroom

When we think of bathroom lighting, we think overhead lighting and wall sconces. A good rule of thumb for bathroom lighting is to start with your ceiling and vanity. You should avoid any vanity light pointing down directly onto your head; instead, install and position your ceiling light centered to the bathroom entryway. This will give you more complementary lighting from behind, while making the overall space much brighter. For a larger bathroom with a walk-in shower, install lighting above where you stand in the shower. And for those with tubs, equally light both ends of the bathtub for the best lighting and illumination. Asking yourself what lighting is best for your bathroom and for putting on makeup? Opt for LED mirrors. Not only are LEDs energy saving but they also very convenient since you don’t have to replace the bulbs for years. Although they are not visually prominent, they provide great lighting. LED mirrors work well with recessed fixtures, giving you beautiful, crisp and clear light. 


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5. Dramatic Foyer

The foyer may not be your main priority when thinking of lights, but your entrance deserves a little drama, especially when it's the primary place your guests enter. Opt for a single decorative lighting fixture that embodies your style and clearly communicates what you want your guest to experience. If you want something more energetic and show-stopping, select fixtures with textures and an eye-catching shape. If you have windows above your door or the surrounding area, you have quite a bonus since the lighting fixture can be seen from the outside. So have fun and glam up your contemporary home with a bold and dramatic chandelier. Amp up the style even further by adding extra furniture or elements that can showcase your style. Remember, lighting shouldn’t be a difficult task, instead think of it as another way to express your personality.