How to Update Your Wall Decor with Prints for Spring


Out with bare walls and in with all kinds of prints, colors, and textures! Wall decor is becoming a fun trend for home decor. From wallpapers to wall art, anything and everything look better than bare walls. We’ve handpicked several trends you may want to incorporate into your home interior decor. Read on to find inspirations you just might love.

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1 | Florals

Florals are everywhere this year and will always be around every spring. So, of course, framed florals on the wall is not a crazy idea. From beautiful pastel colors to bright blooms, florals look great in any spring home decor. Add a delicate touch with floral watercolor paintings or ink drawings. Get bold with a nice graphic print. Or stick with a light floral print if you want to tone down the blossoms but still want some floral textures in your home decor.


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2 | Metal Frames

Warm metal finishes are sticking around, and they’re not just for light fixtures or hardware like pull knobs, anymore. Bring some metallic to your walls through brass and bronze frames. Warm metal finishes look great whether you live in an Industrial Chic Brooklyn loft or a Modern Midcentury family home. Bronze and brass will add warmth to your home as well as a luxurious touch to your home decor. It’s all about the details.


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3 | Hand Lettering

We love mantras and we love hand-lettering, especially in gold! There's something oh so charming and sweet about them. Hand letterings and initials are great for a personalized home decor. With hand lettering, you can truly make it your very own home decor or wall gallery. Hand lettering and different fonts will definitely add personality to a shabby chic rustic or modern farmhouse interior decor as well as to an urban apartment.


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4 | Abstract

Abstract art brings color, texture, and personality to your home. You can’t go wrong with abstract art because it’s so subjective. There are no rules, so anything goes! Curating abstract art can be intimidating. But the fun and beauty of abstract art is that you can mix and match anything -- any color, artist, medium, or style. Keep it simple and trust your gut instinct. Go for pieces that speak to you.


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5 | Black and White Portraits

With the current Modern Midcentury trend in home decor, vintage photos and black and white portraits are a sure pop-up. Black and white photographs look great in simple thin frames. For a clean look, stick with black or white frames or a light wood frame such as birch wood. For this wall decor trend, you can stick with displaying only black and white portraits or you can incorporate black and white photography of places or still life. The key is to keep it black and white for the full effect.


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6 | Tropical and Botanical Prints

Botanical prints are fun! Botanical prints of tropical plants, such as ferns and palm trees, and big leaf prints are a great alternative to florals prints. Go for larger-than-life sized leaves. Botanical prints are fun because they add the right amount of green to freshen up your home decor. (They also require a lot less maintenance than taking care of real plants.) But if you’re up for it, combining botanical prints with live plants can truly bring in a fresh touch into your home.


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7 | Paintings and Illustrations

If you’re a romantic at heart or if you just simply admire fine art, paintings and illustrations might just be your style. Fine art pieces are great conversation starters. Showcase them in the dining room near the dinner table or in a space where you entertain guests. Alternatively, you can showcase your taste in fine art with a carefully curated gallery in unexpected areas such as a stairway, breakfast nook, foyer, or hallway. We will always be intrigued and romanticize antique art pieces. From French, Italian, and English art to Oriental art, fine art is full of rich culture and history, so it's hard not to fall in love with classical or vintage paintings and artworks. For an eclectic fine art selection, consider displaying unique art pieces such as Native American works, Latin American art, and the folk art of indigenous peoples, including those from Africa, the Pacific Islands, and Australia. For a traditional American home decor, stick with traditional American art. For an unexpected look, paint the wall with ultraviolet to complement gold frames.



8 | Photography

Whether you are a photography enthusiast or someone who simply appreciates nice photography, choosing to display photography works is a unique way to showcase interesting perspectives and angles. With a photography wall gallery, you can choose any subject or theme. You can also stick with showcasing only photographic pieces or incorporate other artworks such as paintings, line drawings and sketches, or graphic prints. Showcase professional photography works or make it your own exhibition with a personalized gallery wall with family photos. Play with different frames and mix and match for an eclectic look and feel. Or stick with either simple frames and clean lines or decorative frames for a luxe look.



9 | Historical Photographs and Vintage Maps

Historical photographs and vintage maps can add character and charm to your home decor. Perhaps your home was once a historical building. Or maybe the neighborhood you live in has rich historical significance. Every city or town has its own stories. Historical photographs and vintage maps can help tell those stories. Bring history into your home for added personality and depth. Historical photographs and maps are also excellent conversation starters and come in handy when you’re entertaining family and friends!

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