New Glazzio Wall and Floor Tiles


As vibrant and stunning as they are durable, Glazzio tiles come in a wide selection of glass, stone, mirror finish, and even crystal tiles for all your design needs. Whether for residential or commercial application, these tiles will maintain their dazzling appearance for years. We’ve highlighted some of our favorite Glazzio backsplashes for you!


Tile Colors: Angel Feather and Marseille Aqua

1. Lumiere Series

Add a unique, modern and contemporary touch to any room with Glazzio’s Lumiere series. This elegant ceramic tile features two beautiful mosaic tiles, 3x6 and 3x12 subway tiles, along with their matching liners. Understated sophistication in a timeless pattern, Glazzio’s Lumiere series can transform any residential room with its high quality. Pair this arabesque tile with Lumiere’s bold pencil liners and chair rails to amp up the architectural appeal of the space. This selection is guaranteed to enhance your ambiance and provide a stylish charm for years to come.


Tile Colors: Versacci Glam and Herrera Ivory

2. Gallant Series

Create a distinguished backsplash or accent wall in your kitchen, bathrooms or wet bar with this beautiful diamond shaped tile. Offered in a multitude of bold patterns and color blends, you can make a statement with the Gallant series. The collection provides design possibilities from classic to contemporary designs with their antique mirror finishes, wood-look design or natural stone look. This mosaic tile creates the perfect focal point that is easy to install with its mesh backing, allowing the individual tiles to be separated for design flexibility. Treat your senses and upgrade the ambiance with Glazzio’s Gallant series.


Tile Colors: Bay Drift

3. Overland Bay Series

Embrace the beauty of concrete-like tiles in glass finish. Ideal for creating a true industrial chic design, Glazzio’s Overland Bay series add character and a raw-like element into any space. It's the perfect tile for kitchen walls since they are easy to wipe down and clean. The collection offers three unique colors for creating a true industrial design with an edgy yet chic look. The high gloss blue subway tile is a great choice for use as a shower wall or kitchen backsplash, since they are heat and water resistant. For urban designs that have a distinct look, opt for the color Vermont Morning. Its bold grey hue is great for accenting wall or backsplash installations.


Tile Colors: Napolean Chic and Blanc de Ville

4. Francier Series

Enrich the beauty of Thassos marble tiles with the Francier Series to create a wondrous and mesmerizing visual display in your home. This luxurious selection will make a bold statement while flawlessly flaunting this eclectic waterjet tile. Crafted with details and waterjet precision, the Francier series, composed of Calacatta and Thassos marble, can add a striking look to your bar or kitchen backsplash. Opt for the black and white marble with brass accents to create a luxurious pop of color. For a classic look to your fireplace, opt for their white and greys hue. This style works well in a modern home, giving it a sense of classiness and lavish appeal.


Tile Colors: Zurich Royal and Veil Crossing

5. Swissland Series

Introducing your new obsession! Check out this twist on Art Deco-inspired tiles by Glazzio. The Swissland series offers two unique styles, sparkling metallic and beautiful antique mirror, for a glamorous look. The collection combines vintage and modern designs with a flair. The bold diamond-like format is perfect for adding visual drama to any space. Whether you create an accent piece or full-on feature wall, the collection is sure to draw attention. Play with the Swissland series by arranging the direction of the tile to direct eyes toward the direction of a focal point. This method is great for a small entryway.