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Hardware Trends 2020: Give Your Kitchen A New Look
Here's our list of the best 2020 hardware finishes and style to look out for. Over sized pulls are in, matte black continues it reign, and champagne gold and antique look is in!
Faucet Trend 2020: Faucet Finishes That Will Get You Compliments
Our list of the top 2020 faucet finishes is here! Check out which faucet designs will suit your new home.
Tile Trends 2020: Designs You Need In Your Home
We’ve put together the top 5 tile trends for 2020. Art Deco, Updated Pastels, Artisanal Design...Check out the trends
5 Solutions to Make Your Small Bathroom Look Larger
We have the answer to your small bathroom. Here are 5 solutions to make your bathroom look much larger. 1- Brighten Up Your Room By...
5 Important Steps on How to Use Mapei Grout
Which Mapei grout should you use? Do you want sanded or non sanded grout? We help you answer these questions here. Read on!