Tile Trends 2020: Designs You Need In Your Home
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Tile trends for 2020 are here! We’ve put together 2020’s top tile trends you and everyone will love. It’s a new year, so start planning for that new kitchen or bathroom you’ve been dreaming of. Check out our top five tile trends in 2020 below!



1. Art Deco

In 2020, you'll be seeing more Art Deco style tiles! Inspired by France, Art Deco can be found in most luxurious restaurants and 5-star hotels. Because of its rich color and glamorous style, Art Deco tiles are truly one of the first cosmopolitan styles you can install in your home. Look for tiles that feature curvilinear lines and polished surfaces for a beautifully modern take of the Art Deco style. For a super trendy look, install the special design as a kitchen backsplash. Create a bold and unique look that's sure to spark a conversation. Think marble tiles with gorgeous patterns and bold colors when you opt for Art Deco tiles.


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2. Updated Pastels

Pastel shaded tiles are back! You may think pastels are a thing of the past, especially when it made its rounds in the 80s and 90s. However, when Living Coral was announced as Pantone’s Color of the Year, pastel hues and soft tone colors started making their way back. These fresh, crisp tones are an evolution of pastel colors that reflect enthusiasm and sophistication. To enhance the look, opt for matte hardware and fixtures for a sophisticated finish. Display decorative patterns and shapes to help add visual interest. For a minimalist style with a fresh and playful look, opt for neutral color schemes and greys in your accessories.


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3. Artisanal Design/ Handcrafted

Artisanal design or handcrafted tiles are making a splash in tile trends for 2020. Artisanal designs exhibit an evolution of natural aesthetic, texture, and depth with individuality. Handcrafted backsplash tiles combined with high-gloss marble countertops create a classy opulence. This artisanal design is largely inspired by organic forms, so colors and glaze vary from tile to tile, giving you a one-of-a-kind look and beautiful handcrafted style at a reasonable cost. You can find artisanal design tiles in many sizes ranging from subways to arabesque mosaic tiles.


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4. Faux-Wood Tiles

Faux-wood tiles harken back to the beauty of older homes. And with the rising popularity of Greenery, natural accents are more than welcomed in 2020. We all know that wooden tiles and humidity don’t work well together. But have no fear. Porcelain wood-look tiles are the answer. Perfectly detailed and modernized, faux-wood look porcelain tiles are great for shower walls and floors since they are extremely durable and moisture resistant. Apply the tiles on one side of the shower wall to keep the look consistent for the ultimate serene feel. Faux wood tiles give an impression of warm wooden planks. White porcelain tiles open the space while keeping the area looking clean and unique.


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5. Sculptural Tiles

In the world of 3D designs, sculptural tiles are making a big statement in the tile trends of 2020. Sculptural tiles, also known as waterjet mosaic tiles, can be installed in almost any space as an accent or main tile. With a focus on the handcrafted look, sculptural tiles offer a richer and sophisticated color palette. The details in color and design add a beautifully refined look to any kitchen backsplash or foyer. Part of the sculptural tile trend is to add depth and contrast, which help create a multi-dimensional look that’s more settling than loud. This trend is an increasingly popular choice among commercial stores that is making its way to residential homes.


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