Trend Alert: Exciting Floral Textile Prints for Your Spring Home Decor
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Spring home decor will be big and bold yet elegant and soft. Think artistic and illustrative floral prints with dark, deep, moody colors accented with metallics and neutrals. From awe-inspiring murals to floral accents, expect to find big blooms everywhere -- on walls, tables, and textiles. Incorporate chinoiserie motifs and oriental elements in your home decor or go all out with a breathtaking Victorian inspired interior decor. Whether you mix and match or stick with one style, make it your own with stunning statement furniture pieces, an accent wall, or simply a touch of floral prints.

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1 | Dark and Moody

It’s not for the faint of heart. If you’re into dramatic flair, immerse your home in elaborate floral motifs. Dark and moody blooms are sophisticated yet daring and posh. Following the moody color trend, pick deep plums, blues, and accents of pinks and greens. Make a statement with an unorthodox stair mural or create a focal point by the fireplace with a perfectly framed floral print. It’s subtle but it’s not — the impeccable balance between a classic interior decor and the unexpected.


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2 | Retro

From big leafs to hot pink flamingos to vibrant orange hues such as tangerine, burnt orange, and Sienna orange, '70s motifs are nostalgic and glamorous. For an updated and alluring retro-inspired home decor, incorporate bright colors and geometric patterns with wild blooms. For a truly retro-inspired interior design, opt for classic black and white tiles to ground your space and create visual interest. Black and white together have such a beautiful contrast that is oh-so-glamorous and nostalgic — reminiscent of the '70s cafe themes or even the Art Deco period of the 1920s.

If you want a cozier and toned down retro interior style, reinvent your home decor with medium brown wood tones. Incorporate some color and introduce floral motifs with curtains and wallpapers or even placemats. Whether your decor is Modern Midcentury, traditional, eclectic, or transitional, complete the look with a charming vintage-inspired statement pendant light.



3 | Soft and Muted

For spring home decor, stick with big blooms and floral themes. If the dark and moody is too dramatic for your style, go for soft and light colors that are still muted. While pastel might’ve been exciting in the past, for a different spring floral decor, stick with soft and natural yellow, pink, purple, green, and blush. You can even go for “graylac” or a grey lilac. Anything neutral or soft that reminds you of a white meadow full of wildflowers will work.


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4 | Oriental Inspired

If you love bright floral colors, perhaps an oriental inspired or chinoiserie chic home decor will suit your home. Incorporate silk and satin fabrics, gold metal finishes, and jewel tone accents with one or two bright colors. Or mix and match with grey, cream, black, or white. You can even combine dusty pink and champagne colors with grey blues for a sophisticated decor. Or create a surprise element with colors that pop in unexpected places such as the sides of dresser drawers.

Silky blooms like peonies, dahlias, or even Oriental poppies are perfect for this decor style. Whether you prefer soft pink blooms, white flowers, or fiery bright poppies, complete your spring home decor with a touch of fresh flowers.


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5 | Huge Blooms

If it’s not apparent already, big blooms are in. So make it big! The bigger the better. Big elements are excellent home decor statement pieces. Whether you choose to deck out a room with a large, beautiful vintage area rug, showcase a strikingly eloquent mural, or feature a spotlight mantel or table centerpiece, big blooms will draw attention without a doubt. Big blooms can also help make a small powder room or hallway feel more spacious and grand.


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6 | Victorian

Don’t be afraid of recreating a Victorian-inspired interior decor. Go for romantic vintage but incorporate some bright colors such as coral, salmon, blue, and ultraviolet. If you prefer to stick with softer, traditional Victorian colors, stick with blush, champagne, cream or beige, dusty rose, or muted floral colors. For an updated look, add a touch of berry colors, green, or yellow. Look for traditional floral Victorian patterns and motifs such as roses and elderflowers or add a twist to your revamped Victorian-inspired home decor with a whimsical or artistic print.



7 | Vintage Outlines

While a retro-inspired interior decor may be energetic and sexy, a vintage home decor can be just as exciting and lively in its own unique way. Both decor styles are classic and nostalgic. Both are dauntlessly making a return and being incorporated into modern home decor. A vintage-inspired home is a bit less industrial and feels a bit more “homey” than a '70s retro home decor. The artistic look and feel of vintage elements is defined by a distinct outline, signature patterns or colors, and a watercolor texture or painterly touch. For a clean vintage home decor, opt for white pieces and soft or muted colors.

Let us know how you plan on incorporating floral prints into your spring home decor!


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