What We're Loving: Versatile Turkish Towels and 9 Ways to Use Them

If you haven’t heard of a Turkish towel, it’s time you get to know them better. These towels can be used for multiple purposes. They can be used as a bath towel, a picnic blanket, tablecloth, and more. They’re made of 100% Turkish cotton, which gives them a super soft texture and high absorbency! In addition, they are really stylish and come in a variety of colors and patterns. However, their best feature is their fringed edges! I repeat, fringed edges! Keep reading to find out what else you can do with these amazing Turkish towels.


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1 | Travel

It’s like they were made for travel thanks to their compactness, lightweight, and many uses. When packing, it’s good to have multi-functional items to save room in your luggage and to travel light. Plus, since they dry quickly because of their thinness, you won’t have to worry about them leaving a musty smell in your luggage. And because they come in fun colors, you can travel in style!


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2 | Picnics

Turkish blankets are sturdy and huge! The standard size for a Turkish towel is 39 in. x 71 in. compared to your standard towel size of 20 in. x 38 in. This makes them the perfect picnic blanket that gives you all the space you need for a sweet beach picnic. Because of their compactness, it’s also easy to stage impromptu lunch dates with a big spread.


3 | Naps

High-quality Turkish cotton makes them the perfect cuddle blanket. You can use them when taking planes, trains and in other situations when you might need a nap. They are basically the perfect throw blanket, except these will cover you entirely, from head to toe with extra room to give. Also, the more you wash and use them, the softer they will become. So, you can throw these in the washer and dryer without worrying. In fact, it’s encouraged!


4 | The Gym

You can bring these to the gym? Yes, yes you can. They will provide added comfort when you finish showering after a hardcore workout or need a quick placemat for your exercise routine. Plus, the mats at the gym are overused and kind of gross, so you’ll feel much better knowing you have a soft buffer between you and old sweat. They’re also super cute, which is a definite bonus!


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5 | Bath Towel

Based on all its amazing qualities, it’s literally made to be the best bath towel ever. They dry fast, are super absorbent and soft, and can actually wrap around you for optimal post-shower cover up. In addition to all that, they are super easy to take care of because they are machine washable and feel better with every use.


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6 | Beach Towel - Because they’re big and absorbent

Can they also be beach towels? Of course, they can be beach towels! They are big and absorbent, so they will be the perfect accessory for your beach trip. Plus, they come in great beachy colors and patterns to make your beach day fabulous. Bonus points if you end up using them to have a beach picnic.


7 | Table Cloth - Makes your dining tables look amazing and homey

Need some comfy vibes for your humble abode? Throw a Turkish towel over your table. Yes, they also work as a stylish tablecloth! I’m telling you, it’s the fringe. The colors and patterns are fun, too, but think of the fringe! Having a Turkish towel as a tablecloth will update your room instantly. And don’t worry about spills because they’re machine washable.


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8 | Cover-up

Wear it when you’re chilly or need a quick cover-up! Use it as a cover-up at the beach, as a sarong, shawl, skirt, or head covering. It’s an all-in-one item and one size fits all. And it makes for a comfy accessory for any season. I would get a few different colors to have them match each season.


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9 | Baby Blanket

Seriously, what can’t this thing do?! I can’t tell you how to do it, but, apparently, you can swaddle babies in a Turkish towel. They also look great in nurseries with light colored patterns. With its super soft cotton material, it will provide comfort for little ones.