Yes, Tiles Can Be Painted! Here's How


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1 | Location

The first step is to understand where the tile is currently located. Depending on where the tile is installed, there may be special considerations. Is the tile in your kitchen used as a backsplash? Fireplace detailing? Or the bathroom floor? Location is very important as it determines how the tile’s surface may need to be treated and prepared prior to painting. Bathrooms tiles, for example, may require an additional top coat to help seal areas that are prone to getting wet. If you are working with cement floor tiles, there may be chips and cracks that need to be filled. By understanding the location, you can better decide which paint option will work best for the surface and space.


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2 | Prep and Clean

Now that you have a good foundation, it's time to further prep and clean your tiles. The last thing you want is a messy looking paint job. To remove any dirt, mildew, soap scum or oil splatters, try using an abrasive cleaner. Gently scrub the area in a circular motion, then use a wet sponge to wipe off any residue. Once the tile is completely dry, it needs to be sanded down. Using fine grit sandpaper, carefully remove any gloss or glaze off of the surface. Remove any dust, using a damp cloth and wipe down the surface. This will not only make it easy to apply paint but will also help the paint adhere to the tile. Keep in mind that the tiles need to be completely dry before painting.


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3 | Paint Option

Now comes the exciting part, painting! There are two types of paints that are best for tiles: latex and epoxy paint. Latex paints are made to adhere to surfaces like tiles and used under your everyday acrylic latex wall paint. This option is best for those who want more color choices. Epoxy paint works amazingly well over hard surfaces like metal, rubber, wood, and tiles. Epoxy paint is quite popular because of its permanent adhesion to most surfaces and easy application. Whether you choose latex or epoxy paint, just remember to follow the manufacturer’s directions and recommended drying time.


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4 | Stencil Painting

It’s time to get creative and bold. Stencil painting is one of many techniques that is quick and affordable. You can either go large or small with your designs. Create your own fun patterns by simply printing and cutting out your favorite designs. What's great about this technique is that you can use your stencils over and over again for other home projects. For a striking and traditional look, opt for Moroccan inspired patterns and prints. Amp up the look by painting over your plain beige tiles for a lovely vintage touch. Want to make a huge statement? Paint over your white tile floors with large and intricate designs. This will leave the space looking super clean and elegant.


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5 | Stamped Painting

Similar to stencil painting, stamped painting is quite unique and fascinating. The hand stamped look can transform any space completely, giving you that modern look with a handcrafted touch. A great benefit to using this technique is that you can quickly go over the details and layer several colors. By layering colors, you can add texture and dimension to the space. For a take on modern and contemporary design, go for the dramatic contrast of black and white prints. This look is super gorgeous and trendy, perfect for both bathroom walls and flooring. Remember to seal your tile with a top coat to ensure the design won’t fade over time.


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6 | Hand Painted Tiles

Hand-painted tiles are loved by many homeowners and interior designers. Each tile is individually handcrafted and painted with the finest details and patterns. For a Spanish inspired design, opt for bright and bold prints for a sun-filled room. Spanish hand-painted tiles are elegant and rich in color. Its warm and bright hues add a stylish and beautiful appeal to any space. Whether it is the kitchen, bathroom, or entryway, hand-painted tiles add an original and one of a kind beauty.