Your Top Interior Design Styles for 2020
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As we say farewell to 2019’s Living Coral for influencing everyday products and home furnishings, it’s time to wave hello to new decorative prints and fresh ideas. As interior designers step away from 2019’s rose gold hardware and cement subway tiles, a rise in natural forms and vintage pieces are taking on modern designs. Read below for the new and updated interior design trends for 2020.


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1. Farmhouse (Unfinished Wooden Furniture)

You probably noticed an abundance of rustic style home decor. From lighting fixtures to wood-look mosaic tiles, farmhouse interior design has a new and updated look. To incorporate the new farmhouse trend in your home, opt for wood-toned kitchen cabinets. Go for darker wood tones for a large kitchen and lighter for a smaller kitchen. Lighter shades help to open up your area by allowing more light to be reflected. Darker tone wooden cabinets add a sense of warmth and hominess to the space, which are reasons why they work well for larger kitchens. Amp up the look with unfinished wooden kitchen seats to keep the kitchen looking unique. Finish off the look by installing antique pendant lighting that can sparkle and shine above the kitchen island or dining areas. 


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2. Industrial Chic (Black on Black Hue) 

The visual contrast between black and white stole our hearts from the start of 2019. In 2020 you’ll be seeing more black-on-black hues in home furnishings and accessories. This means marble black kitchen countertops, polished black faucets, and mixed metal hardware. With industrial-chic being the new luxury and high-end style, matte black has evolved to lend a sophisticated and trendy look to modern design. Take the trend a step further by applying decorative black mosaic tiles onto your bedroom walls. To help soften the look, add muted tone hues like grey hardwood flooring or replace your bed sheets and window curtains with fresh linen. Don’t forget to install industrial home decor pieces. This may include mirrors with matte black borders, metal-framed furniture, and distressed metal knobs and pulls. 


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3. Bohemian (Dramatic Vintage Print)

Unlock your inner Bohemian with bold shades, gorgeous textures, and intriguing designs. We’re not talking about your typical bohemian style. In 2020, you want to go bigger and bolder with color and designs. Oversized home decor pieces made from natural materials will be the height of the bohemian trend. Simply include large organic pottery for your indoor plants. Thrift the look for vintage style accent pillows and throws with large format prints. Remember to go big on floral designs and eclectic textures. Your home should feel like a worldly museum and your works of art are your accent pieces. This is the only design trend of 2020 where you can mix and match your color and patterns in the interior space without being wrong. Have fun and be free to explore.


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4. Minimalist (Large Colored Format Tiles)

A massive hit in 2019 was large format tiling. This trend received a lot of attention thanks to its modern feel. For 2020, be prepared to incorporate colored 24” x 48” marble tiles into your home. You can find this trend installed as a kitchen backsplash, surrounding a large fireplace and even in walk-in bathrooms. This minimalist yet striking design is a new, creative and unique way to add color to your home without overwhelming the interior. You may find agate slices designs, ocean-inspired look and even crystal-like patterns on these large format tiles. Whether used in accents or statement pieces, large colored format tiles are sure to make your home delightfully cheerful in 2020.


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5. Coastal (Reverse and Layer Decor)

Many seem to stay away from coastal or seaside-inspired designs. However, with natural elements being a major trend, the new coastal design is only getting bigger. Without having to use surfboards or bottled sand decor, the environment should feel breezy and relaxed. You can easily achieve this trendy look by reversing the colors. Use blue as the accent color and beige/natural hues as your main colors. Focus on the details and use natural elements in your home decor. Opt for wicker chairs and pre-treated wooden countertops to add character to your space. The new coastal trend will allow you to add and layer your favorite textiles. This is a great opportunity to layer your rugs, curtains, and accent pillows.


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