A New York based company, Glasstile Tiles specializes in unique looking tiles. There’s a great range of colors and vibrancy to choose from to fit whatever design you’re going for. Glasstile prides itself in its dazzling glass tiles with their shine and unique effect. You can use these tiles for your kitchen backsplash, bathroom backsplash, wall or floor accent, pool, spas, waterfall, the exterior of a building, garden wall, and wherever else your imagination takes you. Make these tiles stand out with proper accent lighting, and they will turn even the most unattractive surface beautiful by highlighting the colored glass through light. These tiles can turn any wall into works of art that your guests will surely notice. Tiles can add to your home’s beauty and value. You can be sure to find the perfect tile for your next project by looking through our vast inventory of Glasstile tiles.

At, we do our best to offer quality tiles from top manufacturers like Glasstile. Our top priority is to provide you with products you can rely on and which fit your needs. We carry everything from the latest styles to the classics to make sure you have all the options available to create your dream home. You can try popular styles like glass subway tiles, chevron tiles, blue pool tiles, or black and white water-jet tiles to create beautiful backsplashes. The best feeling is knowing that all your planning and hard work amounted to something great because in the end, you got exactly what you wanted. And you have the chance to admire the result every day, while reminding yourself of how awesome it is to finish your project.

You deserve to have a beautiful home to which you can be proud to welcome friends and families alike. It can be overwhelming trying to start your own project, but we can help you get there with our team of professionals and customer care representatives. Whatever question you have, we do our best to get you the answers you need. We have the resources to make sure your tiles are a good fit for your home. As a general note, you should always inspect your tiles before installing them because installing them constitutes acceptance of the tiles’ condition. Glasstile’s handmade character also creates variations in shade, color, tone, and size with each individual tile. Glasstiles recommends picking sheets of tiles from different boxes to have a better variation of color and shape when the tiles are installed.

Designing your home is a wonderful experience and all things need to be considered to make sure your road to the perfect home is smooth and that you are well prepared for any bumps you may encounter along the way. Please consider every precaution and pick the tiles that make you the happiest. You don’t want to be the person wishing every day that he or she went with a different tile. Installing tiles is a tedious project that can be managed well if all things are considered. So, do your best to research, get informed, and take your time with the project because rushed projects are not fun. Plan accordingly and pick what makes you happy in the long run.