Durable Porcelain and Marble Stone Tiles by Merola

Reputable Since 1988

Merola tile is the right choice when it comes to mosaic and porcelain tiles. Founded in 1988, the family-owned business has become one of the leading tile distributors in the country, especially along the East Coast. From its early days, Merola offered premium products that are classic and elegant for every American home. Since then, Merola also offers exclusive designs and trendier looks, materials, and new styles and colors. The timeless look and quality of Merola products have earned trust from customers and have become a household go-to brand for tiles.

Versatile Styles
for Your Kitchen Backsplash and Bathroom

Beatiful Merola Tile

Get inspired with new Merola tile designs for your bathroom and kitchen backsplash. Shop all of the finest porcelain, ceramic, stone, and glass mosaic tiles from around the world. 

Add the perfect amount of color to your kitchen and bathroom with a new backsplash. Installing a backsplash wall is a cost-effective option if you are considering a kitchen or bathroom renovation. For high traffic areas such as the kitchen and bathroom, Merola products are durable backsplash options that will protect your walls and are easy to clean.Merloa is one of the most popular options for wall and floor decor in the home.

If you want a more luxurious look, consider marble backsplashes but keep in mind that home decor tile will require regular maintenance and professional sealing. The chic look of marble in the kitchen can add a fine touch without the price tag of marble countertops. In the bathroom, a marble mosaic lined bathtub creates the elegant look and feel of a five-star luxury hotel.

Alternatively, glass mosaic and glass subway style offer a nice color in your kitchen and bathroom. Glass can offer a high-end look at a fraction of the cost of marble and stone. The versatility of glass in sizes, colors, and finishes allows you to create your own unique backsplash look. With the many glass mosaic options available, you can choose from bold colors or neutral colors to suit your home decor. No matter which tile style or material you prefer, Merola’s diverse product selection offers a great start to your next kitchen renovation or bathroom backsplash project.