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Daltile's Versatile Tiles

Since its humble beginnings in 1947, Daltile has provided customers with glass tile and other types of materials to be used in their flooring such as ceramics and quarry tile, as well as stone products like porcelain and mosaics for their walls. As one of the largest manufacturers of flooring and ceramic tile in the United States, the company prides itself in producing materials in a facility that adheres to high industry standards. The business is also committed to conducting operations in an ethical manner, improving the quality of their products, and cultivating a trustful environment among its customers. These unique attributes of Daltile have played a big role in their recognition as the leading glass tile provider.

Success in

Expansion of Daltile and Its Tile and Stone Portfolio

The company’s many milestones have greatly contributed to its continued success in the glass tile industry. Almost three decades after Robert M. Brittingham founded the company, Daltile purchased Keystone Ridgeway and Edilgree USA in succession within a few years. The former company was known as a manufacturer of unglazed ceramic mosaic tiles while the latter was regarded as one of the only producers of 8” x 8” floor tiles in the country. Many years later, Daltile partnered with Emil Ceramica, which is an Italian tile maker. These major purchases and notable partnership paved the way for the company to release a coveted natural stone collection in 1999, 2007, and 2010.

During the span of 70 years, not only has Daltile had the opportunity to acquire manufacturers and partnerships that have helped expand its glass tile portfolio, but the company has also launched over 200 sales service centers, invested in a leading tile manufacturer in China, and opened a premier tile studio in California.

The company has 11 manufacturing facilities in the United States, with the most recent one opening in Dickson, Tennessee in 2016. Their hundreds of sales service centers are scattered across the globe in the following countries: Puerto Rico, the United States, and Canada. Daltile sells its premium ceramic stone to big box home improvement retailers and independent distributors.

Often referred to as the country's best glass tile provider, Daltile has continued to produce quality products that consumers can wholeheartedly trust. The production of sustainable ceramic tile is made possible by the company's 10,000 exceptional employees who are committed to quality work and innovation. Since the business excels in delivering revolutionary stone for flooring and tile for wall, Daltile glass tile is definitely the best value for consumers worldwide.