If you’re looking for high quality Italian porcelain ceramic tiles, Faro Ceramiche is a winner.

Founded in 1966 in Casalgrande, Italy, Faro Ceramiche manufactures beautiful tile flooring in porcelain and ceramic. Faro Tile’s inspiration was to create a company that can offer high-quality flooring with particular emphasis on tile finishes and details. Each tile is a creation of technical and aesthetic quality.

Porcelain tiles are the most durable, the easiest to maintain, and the most ideal flooring option. Is it any wonder that porcelain tiles are one of the best and most popular floor tiles demanded in the market? Porcelain and ceramic tiles are sourced or manufactured in different parts of the world including Italy, Spain, Portugal, Turkey, China, Russia, Brazil, Mexico, and India among others. However, Italian porcelain tiles especially have been preferred time and time again as Italian porcelain is often considered one of the best in world-class quality.

Some of the benefits of porcelain tiles are durability and easy maintenance. They last longer than stone tiles because stone tiles are porous and therefore prone to stains and chemical damages from cleaning products. While stone has its own brand of beauty, the aesthetics of porcelain is in its uniformity since porcelain and ceramic tiles are manufactured or man-made. Porcelain and ceramic tiles are more hygienic because the surface is designed for moisture and stain resistance, making them less likely to have mold, mildew, bacteria, or soap buildup.

Maintenance and care for porcelain and ceramic tiles are very manageable and convenient. Because of the way porcelain and ceramic tiles are made (often glazed or sealed), the tile surface is very impervious to water, so any moisture or spills that might permeate other floor materials like marble, travertine, granite, slate, and limestone do not damage porcelain and ceramic tiles. Spills, stains, and even chemical cleaning products have little to no effect.

One thing to keep in mind about the installation of porcelain floor tiles is that porcelain is heavy. This means that it is very important to make sure that the subfloor will be able to support the weight of a porcelain tile installation on an entire floor. Additionally, tiles are not soundproof and can be cold during the winter season. But if sound absorption or having a soundproof space is not an important factor in choosing your flooring, porcelain and ceramic tiles are recommended if you want a durable flooring that is versatile and requires little maintenance. Besides, other materials such as upholstery (couches or sofas), curtains, panels, drapes, area rugs, and tapestry will be able to absorb most of the sounds in any space.  

For the most part, porcelain tiles can be installed everywhere including outdoors as long as the porcelain tiles have frost resistance.

Faro Ceramiche Tiles produces a series of top quality glazed porcelain tiles that preserves the distinctive aesthetic elements of artisan products and the finest natural stones. With Faro Ceramiche, you can be sure that reliable and quality products are at the core of the company mission.

What makes a high-quality porcelain floor tile is the use of fine-grained porcelain clays and minerals, extremely high pressure, and extremely high temperature for a long time. Porcelain tiles are kiln-fired in temperatures usually around or above 2000 °F. Sometimes, the temperature range is between 2300°F to 2370 °F. In fact, the hot kiln firing process required to make porcelain tiles is so dense that it actually becomes stronger than granite. Porcelain tiles prove to be a durable, scratch-resistant floor material even in high traffic areas. 

Though ‘porcelain’ and ‘ceramic’ are used interchangeably, you should note that porcelain tiles are a type of ceramic tile that is specifically made from porcelain clay whereas ceramic tiles are made from red and white clays. Color is added to ceramic tiles before the glazing process. Ceramic tiles are usually fired at 1832 °F to 2282 °F. While ceramic tiles and porcelain tiles are pretty durable flooring materials, porcelain tiles are more durable because they are fired at much higher temperatures than ceramic tiles.

Faro Ceramiche Tile’s philosophy has always been to perfectly combine function with the highest quality along with an unparalleled inclination for beauty. Each tile comes in unique colors to enhance a kitchen, bath, living room, or hallway. One of the key success factors of Faro Tiles is that this company continues to be intensely focused on high quality and materials so their research and development team aims to continuously identify new production methods and product lines that are ready to meet the needs of more innovative and sophisticated decor styles. Clients of Faro Ceramiche Tiles Paying can always expect Faro Tiles products to deliver the best attention to even the smallest of details.

The Italian tiles distributor has been producing world-class quality for over 50 years. Faro Ceramiche’s tiles have unique finishes with a wide range of sizes that will allow the achievement of unique designs suitable for both refurbishment and restoration of old buildings, as well as in the construction of any new project, residential, public, or commercial building.