Martini mosaic - Glass, metal, quartz or mix

Martini Mosaic is at the forefront of modern design, creating elegant environments, upholding unique characteristics, and positioning itself as a global icon of tile design. The company is dedicated to pursuing the highest level of customer service, quality, and design. Its operations can be found in London, Hong Kong, and Philadelphia. However,  its designs come from inspiration from all over the world. Use beautiful Martini Mosaic tiles to renovate any part of your house. You can create amazing kitchen backsplashes, accent borders, pools, spas, and any other project to help add to the beauty of your home. The styles are at the top of their class with subway tiles, 3D tiles, chevron tiles, hexagon tiles, and more. You can choose from tiles of different  materials, including glass tiles, metal tiles, stone tile, or combinations of different materials.

We pride ourselves on offering products from reliable and trustworthy companies like Martini Mosaic. We want to be your go-to place for home decor, so please let us know if there’s anything we can do to improve your shopping experience. As a general note, please inspect tiles before installing because installing the tiles will count as acceptance of the tiles and as such cannot be returned for refund. When purchasing tiles, please be aware that they will vary from lot to lot. Because they were made at separate times, they will have a variance of color. No stone will look exactly alike because of the special characteristic of natural stone. Every stone is naturally different and, therefore, will have different cuts of it. Metal tiles do not do well in high moisture environments and will stain if kept in moisture for extended periods of time. Glass tiles tend to break under pressure, so they are not recommended for high traffic areas or where things can fall on top of them.

Martini Mosaic recommends giving tiles the proper care they need according to the properties they have. That way, the tiles will last as long as possible and can add value to your house. Subway tiles are an easy way to update your shower or kitchen, and Martini Mosaic is famously known for its subway tiles. One of its most popular series, Calca, is reminiscent of organically shattered ice. This gives it a truly unique effect and can make your room look one of a kind. Only Martini Mosaic offers this kind of tile among many others.  Martini Mosaic stands behind the quality of its tiles with a money back guarantee. carries the best quality and selection of tiles for your home.