Oceanside Glass Tile

Handmade Mosaic Tile

Oceanside Glasstile is a sustainable manufacturer based in California, known for creating handmade glass tiles. What makes Oceanside Glasstile a great company and team? It’s not just the excellent glass tiles produced by this manufacturer but their philosophy, culture, social responsibility, and environmentally sustainable practices.

Unique Artisan
Mosaic Tiles

So how are Oceanside Glasstiles made?

The heritage of Oceanside Glasstiles dates back to the 1960s when a group of friends who shared a mutual appreciation for surfing and glass blowing married the two interests together to create a glass tile manufacturing company. Oceanside’s glass tiles are handmade and hand-casted from natural and recycled materials. Oceanside Glasstile defined a different and sustainable business model that places importance on social responsibility and personal values.

Each Oceanside glass tile is made from a natural resource called silica sand which is abundant in supply. Silica sand comes in many colors, which allows Oceanside Glasstile to achieve the many brilliant mosaic glass tiles they produce. Oceanside Glasstile products contain recycled materials such as pre-consumer and post-consumer recycled bottles (or cullet) that are acquired from curbside recycling programs.

Oceanside Glasstile is comprised of master crafters and artisans of hand-cast glass tiles. Their products are suitable for kitchen backsplashes, floor tiles, swimming pools, landscape design, and bathroom tiles. Oceanside Glasstile has collaborated with other tile manufacturers and brands including Daltile, Ann Sacks, Walker Zanger, and Quarry Collection.

The aesthetics of Oceanside Glasstile’s products are distinctly beautiful because they are handcrafted. Because these tiles are made from silica sand, which comes in a broad range of colors, each tessera made by Oceanside Glasstile is iridescent and translucent.

Another quality that makes Oceanside Glasstile a leader of sustainability and green technology in the tile industry is the durability of their products. Glass tile is a long lasting material that is durable and resistant to stains, mold, and mildew. Glass tiles are impervious to water and also frost resistant. The durability of glass tiles means that you don’t have to replace the tiles nor maintain the tiles with chemicals and sealants as you would with other materials such as stone tiles.

Oceanside Glasstile’s company philosophy is straightforward and holistic. The company’s values and business practices have always revolved around sustainable processes and their commitment to the environment and the community. To date, Oceanside Glasstile recycles over two million pounds of post-consumer bottle glass annually. Oceanside Glasstile’s proactive and responsible manufacturing process allows them to upcycle and prevent most of their manufacturing waste from going to a landfill. If you’re looking for a tile manufacturer who understands your values and proactively participates in communities and the environment, Oceanside Glasstile is the perfect choice for all your glass tile needs.