Sicis - Mosaic tile

If you’re looking for a tile brand and manufacturer that is truly marvelous and out of this world, SICIS offers the best tiles. Each collection by SICIS is a masterpiece — a beautiful mosaic art.

SICIS’ heritage is absolutely unique:

Mosaic is a sublime and beautiful confluence of art, man and technology, and aesthetic leap towards immortality. Mosaic is a language that challenges limits and forces to overcome them. And with this mindset everyday SICIS creates, invents, designs, and produces mosaics, 100% Made in Italy, synonymous with luxury and uniqueness. During 25 years SICIS has explored the art of mosaic, the flexibility of its technique and the transformation of its uses, creating day by day a unique heritage.

Bold, beautiful, contemporary, elegant, energetic, artistic, and worldly, the Italian tile manufacturer (SICIS) creates luxurious and high-end mosaic tiles for walls and flooring as well as interior decor and furniture. The prestigious Italian mosaic glass tile manufacturing company specializes in materials and technology, industry development, and artistic techniques that combines innovation and couture. SICIS’ craftsmanship and hyper-focused attention to detail and art is reflected in each unique tessera and microtessera — an individual tile piece that is carefully hand cut and placed by mosaic masters for the construction of a SICIS mosaic mural.   

SICIS’ world-renowned reputation and signature artistry is featured in many cities throughout the world. Some of the most exquisite luxury hotels and iconic destinations where you can find SICIS tiles include the seven stars luxury hotel Burj Al Arab (Dubai, United Arab Emirates), the gorgeous and exclusive oasis hotel La Mamounia Hotel (Marrakech, Morocco), the Palace Hotel (Tokyo, Japan), the nineteenth century five stars luxury Hotel Unico (Madrid, Italy), the Design Hotel (Shanghai, China) which features gold tiles, and the pool at Amstel Hotel (Amsterdam, Netherlands) which features beautiful colors from ocean blue to turquoise to mother of pearl. Now you can exhibit SICIS’ artisan tiles in your own home and office space and have SICIS transform your residential or commercial property.

Mosaic tiles can be used as floor tiles. However, there are pros and cons to consider. Mosaic tiles are better used and recommended for wall tiles. But first, let’s compare the pros and cons of mosaic glass tile flooring.

Specifically in the bathroom, mosaic tiles will instantly add color and vibrance to any bath. Mosaic glass tiles are great for brightening up a small room or any space of any size. Because of the nature of glass tiles, mosaic glass tiles attract light and also bounces off light reflection. As a result, your bathroom can appear larger, more spacious, bright, and lavish. If you want to achieve the look of a high-end luxury spa, mosaic glass tiles will be able to achieve this style and decor with its luminous material and sophisticated colors and patterns. You can instantly elevate your space and design your own upscale spa retreat at home.

While glass tiles are beautiful and generally easy to maintain, mosaic glass tiles are particularly demanding. Though mosaic tiles come in various sizes, mosaic glass tiles are generally smaller compared to other glass tiles. Many mosaic tiles are square. However, there are also many specialty mosaic tiles that are manufactured and available in other shapes. Because mosaic glass tiles are often smaller than other glass tiles, you may find yourself (or your contractor may find himself) investing a lot of time to install the small pieces that require extra attention to detail especially if you have to cut the tiles to fit into unique areas or curves. So it really depends on how much patience you or your contractor has with installing mosaic glass tiles. Luckily, mosaic tiles are available by sheets with a mesh backing. But the installation of mosaic glass tiles will require a lot of work, time, energy, and a generous budget.

Another great advantage that you’ll have if you choose mosaic tiles is the ability to really create a beautiful design including a transitional design that is unique for your space and interior decoration style. Because of the nature of mosaic tiles — the size, shape, and colors that are available — mosaic tiles will give you a variety of ways to install a fluid design that fits almost anything you can imagine or visualize. Mosaic tiles can be placed in a patterns or randomly. Mosaic glass tiles can also be installed as a design scheme with similar colors that fit into a harmonious range of colors to achieve an elegant look or they can be installed as a vibrant color scheme with many colors and to showcase and exhibit a multicolor design.

If you’re eco-conscious or want a sustainable or environmentally-friendly material, glass tiles might be a great option. Many manufacturers produce beautiful mosaic glass tiles that are made from post-consumer material such as recycled glass.

Lastly, a great benefit of mosaic glass tiles is that glass (as a material) is virtually resistant to mold, mildew, stains, and soap scum. Though, you will still have to be careful and watch out for certain chemical stains that may be too harsh for the glass and can damage or change the surface of the glass. However, generally, glass tiles have great stain resistance. Glass tiles are also nonporous (unlike stone and some other materials) so you’ll never had to worry about water damages. Because most glass tiles have a smooth and even surface, this means that cleaning is as easy as spraying with warm water then wiping.

On the other hand, despite the fact that mosaic glass tiles are durable and resistant to most stains, they are not 100% protected from chips and cracks. So physical force and impact that may be caused by heavy items that may be dropped on the floor or come into strong contact with glass tile walls can cause the glass mosaic tiles to chip or crack. Luckily, if it’s only one or two pieces that are damaged, the small mosaic tiles can be replaced easily and quickly.

Even if you manage not to have any heavy impact or damage your tiles, mosaic glass tiles will accumulate small scratches and scuffs over time. This means that you will eventually have to replace mosaic glass tiles especially if it is a mosaic glass floor. If you want to prolong the life of your mosaic glass tile installation and not have to replace them too soon, you can choose darker colors which will better hide any scuffs or scratches. However, also keep in mind that dark colors will absorb more light and not be able to reflect as much light as light colored tiles — which may end up defeating the purpose of choosing mosaic glass tiles if you wanted to brighten up your space. Whatever colored tiles you choose, if you’re installing glass tiles on floors, you can protect them with a bath mat, rug, or carpeting material.  

When it comes to pricing, mosaic glass tiles are on the higher price end. On top of the cost of the material, you have to factor in contractor fees or professional installation fees. Of course, you can always install mosaic glass tiles on your own. However, mosaic glass tiles can be difficult to install because the glass material will show any messy or sloppy adhesives. Therefore, professional installation is highly recommended. If you decide to take the safe route and hire a contractor, be sure to hire a professional who is experienced with working with mosaic glass tiles.  

The last and most important disadvantage of glass tiles is that they can be very slippery — especially when installed as floor tiles. Extra precaution should be taken on glass tile floors that are in high traffic and wet areas. Some mosaic glass tiles can have a textured surface. However, it will not be enough to prevent slippage. And even if you lay a textile such as a bath mat or carpet over a glass tile floor, the textile itself cannot prevent slip-and-fall accidents. If you’re going to choose to install a glass tile floor and lay a textile over the flooring, consider laying anti-slip underlay which will give some grip to the floor.

Now that you know the pros and cons of mosaic glass tiles, you can feel confident in choosing and maintaining beautiful mosaic designs for your walls and floors.