Sicis- Mosaic Tile

Impeccable Mosaic Design

If you’re looking for a tile brand and manufacturer that is truly marvelous and out of this world, look no further than SICIS. SICIS’ collections are considered by many designers and homeowners as masterpieces — beautiful mosaic art. 

SICIS’ heritage is absolutely unique:
Mosaic is a sublime and beautiful confluence of art, man and technology, and aesthetic leap towards immortality. Mosaic is a language that challenges limits and forces to overcome them. And with this mindset, everyday SICIS creates, invents, designs, and produces mosaics, 100% Made in Italy, synonymous with luxury and uniqueness. During 25 years SICIS has explored the art of mosaic, the flexibility of its technique and the transformation of its uses, creating day by day a unique heritage.

Glass Tiles

Sicis' Forward Design

Bold, beautiful, contemporary, elegant, energetic, artistic, and worldly, the Italian tile manufacturer (SICIS) creates luxurious and high-end mosaic tiles for walls and flooring as well as interior decor and furniture. The prestigious Italian mosaic glass tile manufacturing company specializes in materials and technology, industry development, and artistic techniques that combine innovation and couture. SICIS’ craftsmanship and hyper-focused attention to detail and art are reflected in each unique tessera and micro tessera — an individual tile piece that is carefully hand cut and placed by mosaic masters for the construction of a SICIS mosaic mural.

SICIS’ world-renowned reputation and signature artistry are featured in many cities throughout the world. Some of the most exquisite luxury hotels and iconic destinations where you can find SICIS tiles include the seven stars luxury hotel Burj Al Arab (Dubai, United Arab Emirates), the gorgeous and exclusive oasis hotel La Mamounia Hotel (Marrakech, Morocco), the Palace Hotel (Tokyo, Japan), the nineteenth century five stars luxury Hotel Unico (Madrid, Italy), the Design Hotel (Shanghai, China) which features gold tiles, and the pool at Amstel Hotel (Amsterdam, Netherlands), which features beautiful colors from ocean blue to turquoise to mother of pearl. Now you can have SICIS’ artisan tiles transform your own home or office space.