Ceiling Lights

Generally, you will need ceiling light fixtures in every room or at least in every major room of the house, such as the living room, kitchen, bathroom, bedrooms, basement, and laundry room. If you have a long hallway, it is also a great idea to install a ceiling light.

When choosing a ceiling light, the first thing to note is the size of the room where the ceiling light fixture will be installed. An oversized chandelier should be avoided as it distracts from the interior decor. Instead, light fixtures should complement or enhance the home decor. It’s also not practical to install a big light fixture if space is small because you want to make sure that there is enough headspace between the end of the light fixture and the people who will occupy that room. Generally, seven feet between the bottom of a light fixture to the floor is a normal amount of clearance.

Next, you want to take into consideration the function of the room and the regularity of its use. For example, if you’re looking for a ceiling light to install in a children’s bedroom, consider a light fixture that won’t pose any danger to children. If curious hands end up trying to touch the light fixture, they can harm themselves in the process. Generally, the higher up the ceiling lights are, the better and more appropriate they are for children’s bedrooms and play areas. Anything with dangling cords or with small design pieces would not be recommended for children’s spaces.

For bathroom ceiling light fixtures, go for something that won’t be ruined by an accidental splash from someone taking a bath or shower. It’s a good rule of thumb to install ceiling lights at least three feet away from the bath and shower area.

In general, ceiling lights are available in many styles and colors since ceiling lights are the most prominent and necessary lighting in every home. You can choose from chandeliers, flush mount fixtures (which hang flat against a ceiling and are ideal for low ceilings), semi-flush mount light fixtures (which are shortened chandeliers and could also be considered as a hybrid between flush mount lighting and chandelier lighting), pendant lights, island lights, recessed lights, and last but not least, track lighting.