Lighting for Your Room

Each room of the house has its own lighting requirements that can be addressed by many different types of lighting design and style. 

Whether you’re looking for a hanging pendant chandelier for your dining room or a vanity lighting for your bathroom, you’ll find the perfect lighting fixture for any room. You can even find statement lighting and accent lighting that can accentuate the design of any space.

According to experts, the best approach to lighting any room is to layer several types of light to create the brightness and ambiance you’re going for. The lighting plan for each room can include any combination of general lighting, task lighting, ambient lighting -- all of which you’ll find here.

Shopping for lighting for your kitchen or bathroom (or any room) can be an enlightening experience as you discover the countless design and style options available on our site. Our customer care specialists are ready to illuminate with answers to any questions you might have. Lighten the burden on your wallet with free shipping on orders of at least $300.