Wall Lighting- LED Wall Lamps and Sconces

Wall lights, like sconces, are one of the single most defining wall decors in any residential or commercial hallway or room. Our eyes will always notice wall light fixtures more than floor lamps or table lamps or even ceiling lamps (depending on the ceiling light fixture).

The most popular types of wall lighting are wall sconces. There are different types of wall sconces and they come in different sizes, from the smallest at five inches wide to bigger sconces that can measure over one foot wide.

Most wall sconces provide ambient lighting and accent lighting. However, some wall sconces with shades can provide task lighting when they are pointed down. Many wall sconce shades are made from glass or fabric and are available in different shapes and designs. Long cylindrical wall lights can be installed horizontally or vertically and are often installed in bathrooms above or beside a sink vanity mirror. Other wall sconces include candle wall sconces, directional wall sconces, decorative sconces, and the interestingly unconventional but practical swing-arm wall sconce, which can be installed over a desk to be used as a task light.

For those looking for a particular color, fabric or linen lamp shades come in all colors imaginable.

Glass lamp shades are limited to the color of the glass. Typically, wall lights with glass shades are either etched glass, frosted glass, clear glass, warm amber glass, or Tiffany-style glass (which is stained glass).

For the most part, wall light fixture finishes are available in similar finishes as ceiling lights and hardware such as knobs and handles. So if you’re looking for a wall sconce finish in oil-rubbed bronze, antique bronze, brushed nickel, satin nickel, or chrome, you’ll most likely find a style you like that matches your decor.

Wall sconces can be installed with a light dimmer if you want the ability to adjust light intensity for any space or room in your house.