Fresca Bathroom Vanities Bring Elegance to Your Bathroom Design

Vanity Style for Everyone

The uniqueness of Fresca vanities lies within its unwavering dedication to producing both modern and classic bathroom vanities with the sink or no sink layouts. A reputation built on decades of experience, Fresca is considered a leaders in the industry. Fresca designs incorporate classic styles with a fresh, modern twist. Since vanities are an integral part of any bathroom space, Fresca’s collection comes in many different sizes and styles to suit your needs. Typically, if you have a large, spacious bathroom, it makes sense to take advantage of your space and install a large double sink vanity that maximizes your storage space. Likewise, if you have a smaller space, consider Fresca’s collection of smaller pedestals. Here are some of the most popular vanities from Fresca.

Style for
Every Space

Fresca Vanities for Every Home

Whatever your style is, Fresca has many different vanities to choose from. If you have the space for a double sink style, consider the Fresca Vessa Espresso Modern Double Sink Bathroom Vanity with Mirror Set. This sleek, modern product features a white ceramic basin, solid oak wood, and chrome hardware. Complete with two sinks, this sophisticated vanity is perfect for those who share a bathroom. If you are looking for something that is perfect for a small and contemporary home, consider the Fresca Netto Modern Glass Bathroom Pedestal. The minimalist style and fluid sink design feature chrome hardware, tempered glass countertop, and a glass basin.

Another customer favorite is the Fresca Valencia Freestanding Model With Medicine Cabinet Set. It's ideal for those who have a medium sized space and are looking for styles that provide additional storage space. The medicine cabinet and drawers provide an easy, space-saving way to store daily toiletries and essentials. It's perfect for storing items like razors, soap, toilet paper, mouthwash, and more.

Fresca vanities are always produced with high-quality materials while still maintaining an affordable price tag. Adding a new look is the perfect addition to a modern bathroom that will draw admiration from your guests. If you need any assistance, information or recommendations on our products, don’t hesitate to give us a call or email.