Floor Lamps and Table Lamps

Floor lamps and table lamps are great as additional sources of light, especially in the bedroom, living room, library or lounge area, and even hallway.

While table lamps and floor lamps are not as common in dining rooms, you may find that a buffet lamp (which is a table lamp that sits on top of a buffet) could work nicely as ambient or decorative lighting. Another option for enhancing ambient lighting for a dining room is to install light dimmers.

Floor lamps and tables lamps are convenient because they are portable and can be placed anywhere that is practical and easily accessible. Many people place floor lamps next to tables and desks, near chairs, couches, and sofas, or anywhere they can be placed where they won’t be an obstruction or hazard. Desk lamps and table lamps (or in some cases, buffet lamps) are usually placed on side tables in the living room, on a nightstand in the bedroom, or on study desks and work desks. If you are a hobbyist and often find yourself in the garage or in your home office, work desk lamps and task lamps are great as additional lighting options to help you be more productive. They can provide increased brightness over areas where you need to perform tasks.

While floor lamps are as versatile as table lamps and desk lamps, floor lamps will take up floor space. If you want to reduce floor clutter and have a tabletop surface that is not being utilized, opt for a table lamp instead. Likewise, if your side table or nightstand is too small for a lamp, then perhaps it’s a better idea to choose a floor lamp instead, so you can use what limited desktop surface or tabletop you have for other purposes.