Outdoor Lighting- Wall Lamps and Sconces

We carry a great selection of outdoor lighting options that include pathway lights, spot lights, flood lights, and security lights.

Outdoor lights have dual purposes. Not only do outdoor lighting enhance the exterior appeal of a home, they are also used as security lighting. Because outdoor lights are installed in outdoor environments, where they are exposed to the elements (rain, snow, wind, heat, and hazards from debris), outdoor lights are manufactured to be extremely durable and require secure mounting.

Whether an outdoor light is used to enhance landscapes such as the lawn or garden or to provide light at entryways such as the exterior of the garage and front door, outdoor lighting is a great investment for your property. Outdoor lighting can increase the beauty of your home, which has an influence on your neighborhood’s property value (and, of course, yours). Outdoor light fixtures need to be hardwired, plugged in, or charged. There are also many solar powered outdoor lighting solutions that won’t run up your energy bill.

Generally, security and flood lights are installed primarily for safety reasons. These types of outdoor lighting can be installed as individual pieces or as a system that can be connected to smart home security technology. In fact, many other lights (not just outdoor lighting) can be programmed for your home security system or smart alarm home system. Most security lights feature a motion sensor that will activate the light when the device detects any motion within a certain perimeter. You can also install timed outdoor lighting that can be set to turn on or off during different hours.

Other types of outdoor lights include post lights, wall lights, pendant lights, ceiling-mounted lights, and stake lights.