Elan Lighting will Delight Consumers with Its Modern Fixtures

Modern Innovations

Created with art and lighting in mind, Elan offers innovative products that can greatly accent virtually any space in a home such as the bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, dining room, and more. From the beginning, many artists at Elan were inspired to brighten spaces with modern fixtures, and, today, their unwavering devotion has led to the creation of thousands of detailed sculptures. The lighting possibilities at Elan are truly endless.

A Style For

Modern Styled Lighting by Elan

To ensure that spaces are illuminated appropriately and their styles are elevated, Elan presents consumers with an extensive collection of lighting options. Some modern sculptures that can enhance certain rooms of the house are:

• Model 83519 Chandelier "Zara": This beauty features a chrome finish with etched acrylic. The warm white LED will gracefully provide light to dim areas. The height of this chandelier can be adjusted. The fixture is ideal for an elegant dining area that is used occasionally throughout the year for major holidays.

• Model 83901 LED Vanity "Column": Creatively produced with an etched screen pattern inside, the product has a brushed nickel finished with bent glass. This Elan LED lighting fixture can be mounted horizontal or vertically in a bathroom, closet, or dressing area.

• Model 83853 Mini Pendant "Moonlight": Like many Elan products, this light boasts a sleek chrome finish but with clear acrylic and suspended metal flakes. Many consumers choose to install this sophisticated pendant lighting at a kitchen bar or in a foyer. Guests are sure to be amazed by its modern-day charm.

At Elan Lighting, every fixture in their signature collection is designed to adhere to a consumers' unique style and preferences. Since the company knows that partnering with its shoppers is the only way to ensure that they purchase the right lighting for their spaces, Elan works diligently to educate potential customers about the benefits of installing modern sculptures with LED warm lighting. Elan's ultimate goal is to help consumers choose the perfect lighting that can provide the illumination they’re looking for, while accenting dark areas of any room.