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7 Fabulous Ways to Use Fringe This Fall

I need to tell you something very important. It’s time to incorporate texture into your home, and if you already do, add more. Texture just makes your place look so much more design forward. Have you seen pompom fringe? It’s the bee’s knees and I can’t get over how puffy they are. Tassels are super stylish, too, and gives everything that extra flair it so desperately needs. Fringe is the simplest and most effective way to add texture on literally anything you can imagine. Don’t believe me? See for yourself in...

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8 Pantone Color Palettes You Need to Have this Fall 2017

Wow! Summer is almost over. I could cry about summer ending, but sweater season is coming upon us! So, pick your sunburnt selves up and revel in the glory of pumpkin spice everything. First things first, you’re going to need a few things this fall: a PSL in hand (pumpkin spiced latte), your favorite sweater with matching scarf, and this year’s color palettes from the masterminds at Pantone. The official color of the year is still a mystery, but this season’s “it” palette colors have been chosen.  So, let's...

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7 Ways for You to Stay Ahead of the Crowd with Pantone's 2018 Prediction

If I had a nickel for every time that phrase was used, I would have heavy eye-rolling pockets. It’s time to stray away from the normcore crowd and think ahead of the game. Thanks to the powerhouse trend forecasters of Pantone, we have some insights to what next season will be like. You might already have these trendy items laying around, but are you using them to their full potential? Read below to see if you’re already one step ahead of everyone. via  and...

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5 Steps to Keep Your Tiles Looking Like New

Hello , everyone! For today’s tips, we’ll be discussing how to clean and maintain tiles effectively, so they can last to keep your home looking beautiful. Tiles are a gorgeous addition to your floors , backsplashes, and walls that bring your home closer to perfection. However, everyday things like spills, dust, foot traffic, and time ages your tiles. A bit of TLC will perk them right up and get them back to their original condition . Please read further for tips.  Step 1 | No Dust  Make sure...

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6 Ways to Finish the Edges of Your Kitchen Backsplash

Remodeling a house always presents a fun design challenge. However, it can get stressful when you run into a snag, like trying to finish the edge of a kitchen backsplash. There are several ways to finish the edge of a backsplash that you may not have heard about or just hasn’t crossed your mind until now. However, there are plenty of options for you to choose from when it comes to finishing a backsplash edge. via 1 | Trims Using tile trims is the most common way...

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5 Ways to Incorporate Art Deco Into your Home

You might think of Gatsby when you hear the words “Art Deco,” but there’s more to this style than the famed New Yorker. Its popularity reached its height in the 1920’s and ‘30s with its signature aesthetic that evokes glamorous luxury. By using rich colors with bold and decadent detail, you can have an updated version of the roaring twenties for your own space. via Elle Decoration 1 | Geometric Lines Geometric Lines were always a thing and they will help get you the Gatsby look in...

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