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Tile Trends 2020: Designs You Need In Your Home

Image via Tile trends for 2020 are here! We’ve put together 2020’s top tile trends you and everyone will love. It’s a new year, so start planning for that new kitchen or bathroom you’ve been dreaming of. Check out our top five tile trends in 2020 below! Products  Soho Studio BRQSEQNCPPR ,  Soho Studio KALMAGCALNRBRS 1. Art Deco In 2020, you'll be seeing more Art Deco style tiles! Inspired by France, Art Deco can be found in most luxurious restaurants and...

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5 Solutions to Make Your Small Bathroom Look Larger

Image via The bathroom is an essential part of any home which is why you must plan its design well. If you are like many homeowners with little to no space, you may want to consider making a few simple changes. Those changes can be as simple as brightening up the vanity area by using a large mirror to extend the space. It can mean updating your old vanities for something much lighter and airier to create a spacious feel. Here are our five small vanity ideas to make your bathroom look larger....

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5 Important Steps on How to Use Mapei Grout

Image via Are you looking for the best grout for your tile installation? When it comes to bringing out the beauty of bathroom and kitchen tiling, Mapei offers a wide array of premium colors and styles to fill in gaps while keeping moisture out. You can find Mapei products in most home improvement stores. Trusted by many design professionals and contractors, Mapei grout will give your tile job a finished and professional look. Check out the following grouting tips for getting the best results....

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FAQ: Smart Questions to Ask a Bathroom Remodeling Contractor

Hiring a bathroom remodeling contractor can be a daunting task, especially when you are a first-time homeowner. And the best way to make the job easier for you is to ask questions - these specific questions listed below. Customers who ask questions are contractors' favorite customers. It means they’re prepared and ready to start on the project. To help you get started, here are our ultimate questions to ask your future contractor. Image via 1. How long have you been a bathroom...

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How to Design a Commercial Space: Cafe Edition

So, you're a new business owner and have a solid plan for your cafe. You’ve secured an awesome location with just the right square footage. Now comes one of the most important parts, the design. The main goal when designing a cafe or restaurant is to create a pleasant atmosphere that allows it to stand out from the others. Customers are looking to have the best experience, which means you want your space to have the optimal mix of comfort and energy. An amazing ambiance is achieved with the right circulation,...

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Luxury Vinyl Tile- The Newest Waterproof Tile in the Industry

If you haven’t heard yet, vinyl flooring is making a huge comeback! Luxury vinyl tile, also known as LVT (or LVP) is not your typical linoleum sheets or rolls that were mainstream years ago. Today, luxury vinyl tiles are more durable, can be waterproof, scratch-resistant, and easy to install and low-cost, making them a popular choice for flooring. LVT is no secret to design professionals. In fact, as you begin to explore your options for flooring, you will quickly find that luxury vinyl flooring is used in most...

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