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5 Biggest Lighting Trends for 2018

From Industrial Chic to Mid-Century Modern, lighting trends for 2018 are making their way towards updated retro and vintage home decor and interior design. With gold tone finishes like antique brass and warm dark finishes like oil rubbed bronze, 2018 home decor trends will feature a contrast of old looks with new designs. Think modern and contemporary but with the antique and eclectic touch of Victorian and Gatsby-inspired interior design — perfect for a transitional home decor. via...

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9 Budget Friendly Tips for Perfect Wedding Centerpieces

Your vows are priceless, but at the end of the day, your wedding comes with a price tag. Keeping within budget requires some creativity. One way that savvy brides reduce the final bill for their weddings is by creating their own customized centerpieces. With traditional centerpieces leaning towards the pricey side, making your own centerpieces can definitely save you some bucks, which you can better use to splurge on your honeymoon. Move over typical and expensive floral arrangements. There’s a new wedding...

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8 Must-Have Rugs for this Fall and Winter

via Rugs are essential for adding a stylish personal touch to home decor, creating a cozy space, or changing the look and feel of a room with almost limitless combinations of colors and textures. Rugs and kilims also protect your floors from scratches and stains, so they’re a great investment to consider when you want to prolong the lifespan of your floors. A rug can be used to define a space and create a gathering area in the living room or dining room. Or they can be placed in hallways,...

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7 Creative and Simple Ways to Make Your Table Setting Special for Thanksgiving

It’s that time of year ladies and gentlemen! Bring out your best tableware and décor, and get ready to host your very own Thanksgiving dinner. Whether it’s for friends or family, make it special with well thought-out tablespaces. They are a super simple way to spruce up the ambience of your holiday dinner and they are really fun, yet simple to create. Peruse our tips below for details. via 1 | Velvet Pumpkins I have to say, this is one of the coolest autumn décors...

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Choosing the Best Vanity for Your Space

If it’s one thing a bathroom needs, it’s a vanity. It takes care of everything from storage to helping you get ready for the day and it ties the bathroom together. However, when choosing a vanity, there are 6 things that should be considered before purchasing. 1 | How to Find Your Perfect Size The bathroom floorplan and existing plumbing will determine where your vanity will go. Working with your current layout and built-in pipes will save you the trouble of having to reconfigure your plumbing....

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Your Personal Kitchen Faucet Guide to Choosing the Right One

The faucet is an essential part in every home, especially the kitchen. The history of faucets and plumbing is an interesting one that dates as far back as 1700 B.C., during ancient Roman times. The art and science of plumbing have evolved significantly and so have faucets -- from simple faucets used by early civilization to hi-tech faucets used today.  Beyond the faucet’s primary function of dispensing a steady flow of water, today’s innovative faucets boast many hi-tech features and are expected to have...

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