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Smart Home Devices You Didn't Know You Need

Deciding which smart technology or  smart devices inspired by nature best fits your home can be a huge challenge, especially when there are so many choices in the market. The good news is that finding the right smart home tech can be easy as long as you base your decision on how much a gadget can make your life easier. Run your entire home without lifting a finger by simply using your voice. Control your home’s heating and monitor security when you’re away through your mobile device. Smart home devices should...

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5 Kitchen Design Layouts That Has Been Proven to Work

Most of our home activities take place in the kitchen, whether it's cooking, eating, or socializing. As such, the kitchen needs to be both beautiful and functional. Depending on the overall size of your kitchen, you may want to consider using the Kitchen Work Triangle method. This concept is used by professional kitchen designers and top interior designers, to help organize and connect your 3 main workspaces; refrigerator, sink, and stove. We will walk through the different kitchen designs and show you the...

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Budget Kitchen Remodeling Hack

As the central location for many different activities and with so much time being spent there, the need for a high-end kitchen has continued to increase. Fortunately, getting a high-end kitchen doesn’t necessarily require breaking the bank. In fact, you can create a designer kitchen with just a few changes and updates. Check out these 5 kitchen design elements that’ll definitely add luxury and charm to your kitchen. Image via  mydomaine 1. Cabinets For a budget-friendly kitchen...

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5 Modern Beach House Design and Decor Ideas

1. Relaxed Summer Home For modern homes, effortlessly enhance the space by swapping out old rugs and accent pillows with new decorative prints. The trick with designing a coastal home is to use similar colors that are found at the beach. Shades of blue, seafoam green, crisp beige, and even honeycomb orange will help create the perfect modern coastal home. Toss out your outdated seashell decor in favor of lovely arabesque prints and soft neutral hues for an ambiance that feels equally soothing and inviting. To...

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MSI Tiles: Here's Why They Are The Go-To Source for Design Trends

Looking for high quality tiles with style?  MS International offers tiles that come in a wide range of bold patterns, interesting textures, and vivid colors -- all made with long-lasting materials. From modern to traditional designs or small to large projects,  MSI has the perfect solution for your tile design needs. 1. Effortless Transition Welcome a whole new level of timeless beauty and classic design with MSI’s Arterra Porcelain Pavers. This large format tile features two beautiful styles...

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Daltile- What Makes Them Tile Industry Leaders

Daltile  has earned a reputation for pushing boundaries when it comes to providing customers with high quality products made from an extensive array of top grade materials. It's the reason why  Daltile is trusted among architects, designers, and builders. It is no wonder why they are considered to be the industry’s leading natural stone and tiles company. Read on to learn more about Daltile products, which have been world renowned for over 70 years. 1. On-Trend Products When it comes to the...

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