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Get Your Bathroom Organized with Marie Kondo!

Roll up your sleeves and check off these quick decluttering tips from the well-known KonMari Method. Dubbed the “Queen of Organization,” Marie Kondo's famous mantra “spark-joy” quickly gained popularity throughout the world. Kondo teaches life-changing tips and tricks on how to tidy up closets, desks, and drawers for healthier and happier homes everywhere. Here’s how to put her method to work in your bathroom for a clean and refreshing private oasis. Image via Image via...

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Interior Designer Spotlight: Toni Sabatino of Toni Sabatino Style

For the very first installment in this year’s Interior Designer Spotlight Series, we present one of the industry’s leading kitchen designers, Toni Sabatino of Toni Sabatino Style. You may have seen her speaking at the KBIS NextStage, WNWN, or Design Chicago. She is the recipient of an Interior Design Society Designer of the Year Award for Kitchens and several Best of Houzz Awards. And she somehow manages to still find time to sit on an editorial board and several councils. With her deep...

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The Latest Kitchen Design Trends In 2019

Jump into the new year with a new and improved kitchen. Whether you are planning to renovate your current kitchen or design from scratch, you don’t want to miss out on the hottest kitchen trends. From decorative tiles to brass hardware, there are many details that need to be considered. Read below to learn more about how to design your kitchen using the latest trends. Image via  and 1. All White Kitchen Upgrade to a traditional farmhouse-style...

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Smart Home Technologies Inspired by Nature

In the last 30+ years, we witnessed a dramatic change in technology, especially for the home. With products ranging from motion-sensor lighting, voice-activated kitchen appliances and even TVs that virtually disappear, it's hard to keep track of the latest home technology. The good news is that most companies are focusing their designs with nature in mind, offering you smarter products inspired by the natural world for a healthier lifestyle. Here are a few of our top tech picks for a smarter and greener home....

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These Tiles are Great for Small Bathrooms!

They say good things come in small packages. This can certainly be extended to small spaces. In fact, small bathrooms are much easier to design since they don’t require much planning. By carefully choosing bold decor pieces with stylish hardware and tiles, your powder room can look beautiful, stunning, and even look bigger than it is! Read below for our top five tiles to install to give small bathrooms a more spacious look and feel. Image via Soho Studio Fragments Ash...

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Better to Use Ceramic or Porcelain Tiles?

At some point, anyone who has embarked on a tile installation has had to answer the question of whether it would be better to use ceramic or porcelain tile. Quite frankly, it all depends on the environment in which you plan to install tiles. Whether it's your bathroom, basement, or kitchen, each space has its own conditions to consider. To help you get started on how to select the correct tile material for your home, read about these useful tips. Image via  and

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