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Luxury Vinyl Tile- The Newest Waterproof Tile in the Industry

If you haven’t heard yet, vinyl flooring is making a huge comeback! Luxury vinyl tile, also known as LVT (or LVP) is not your typical linoleum sheets or rolls that were mainstream years ago. Today, luxury vinyl tiles are more durable, can be waterproof, scratch-resistant, and easy to install and low-cost, making them a popular choice for flooring. LVT is no secret to design professionals. In fact, as you begin to explore your options for flooring, you will quickly find that luxury vinyl flooring is used in most...

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Interior Designer Spotlight: Melissa Sakell of Kenwood Kitchens

Congrats on being recognized as one of the Thirty Under 30 , Class of 2019, by the NKBA! What other awards or recognitions are you proud to have received? Thank you so much! It was a huge honor and accomplishment for me. Being recognized as part of the program and getting to meet all of the current and past honorees at KBIS 2019 was an experience I will never forget. I have met so many amazing designers and industry professionals and have had a lot of opportunities because of it so I am very grateful for...

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How to Pick the Best Lighting for Every Room

Lighting plays an important role in interior design. It can enhance the look of small spaces, illuminate specific areas in the kitchen, and, most importantly, lighting can enhance our mood. With so many lighting designs on the market, finding the right lighting solution for your home can be daunting. Rest assured, we have done the hard work for you and narrowed down some key tips to help you find the perfect lighting for your home. Image via  and

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5 Smart Tips to Make Your Small Home Look Bigger

Whether you live in a studio apartment or want more out of your small space, you can maximize your home’s square footage with minimal effort and cost. From hidden storage units to creative shelvings, and soft furnishings, read our top interior design tips on how to make your home look and feel more spacious. You won’t want to miss out, keep reading! Image via  and 1. Install Shelvings and Storage Units Build shelves up to the ceiling instead of buying...

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Interior Designer Spotlight: Kelly Schellert of CEANII

In this installment of Interior Designer Spotlight, we had the pleasure of getting to know Kelly Schellert of CEANII Artful Interiors. Kelly is one of Saint Louis' most accomplished interior designers and the recipient of numerous impressive accolades, including multiple Kitchen of the Year and Bath of the Year awards. She is a visionary and a driving force for change in the industry. A true artist in every sense, her infectious passion for her craft leaves an indelible mark on her clients, most of whom,...

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Smart Home Devices You Didn't Know You Need

Deciding which smart technology or  smart devices inspired by nature best fits your home can be a huge challenge, especially when there are so many choices in the market. The good news is that finding the right smart home tech can be easy as long as you base your decision on how much a gadget can make your life easier. Run your entire home without lifting a finger by simply using your voice. Control your home’s heating and monitor security when you’re away through your mobile device. Smart home devices should...

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