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5 Top Lighting Trends for 2019: Newest Tips and Ideas

From modern pendant lights and industrial lighting to Japanese inspired designs and European chandeliers, lighting is an important element that defines intimate and functional spaces around the home. Whether you are thinking about brightening up a hallway or making a statement in the kitchen or dining room, these interior light fixture trends for 2019 are the perfect decor piece for your home. Image via 1 | Globe Pendants If you’re looking to make a statement with a...

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How to Plan a Boho Chic Summer Picnic

Summer is here, beckoning us to enjoy the outdoors. As much as we love a good picnic, it’s time to go beyond traditional decor and do a picnic in style. The sky's the limit when it comes to creating a boho chic picnic atmosphere. Wherever the location, be bold and fearless by following these simple tips on how to plan your next boho chic summer picnic. Image via  and 1 | Floral Arrangements Boho chic is all about being free-spirited and...

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5 Easy Ways to Create a Minimalist Home Decor Inspired by Wabi Sabi

Minimalist beauty exists in simplicity while Wabi Sabi aesthetics is revealed in flawed beauty. However, both of these interior decor styles share a common language that revolve around simple lines, balance and asymmetry, simplicity, organic design elements, and most importantly, intimacy. Bring a personal touch and add warmth to a minimalist home decor with Wabi Sabi influences. Think earthy colors like brown, green, gray, and muted blue.  Image via 1 | Living Room Keep it...

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Interior Designer Spotlight: Darla Powell of Darla Powell Interiors (Miami, FL)

It is said that our space shapes us as much as we shape our space. This principle highlights the importance of interior design. Good design, however, doesn’t just happen. In fact, with so many styles to choose from and elements to consider --  layout, color scheme, decor, to name a few -- the possibility of ending up with bad design is rather high. And that’s why people work with a professional interior designer. So, how do you choose a design pro for your interior design project? A good starting point is...

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6 Ways to Style Your Home with Decorative Pillows

1 | Prints for Eclectic Living Room Eclectic living rooms are amazingly beautiful and inspiring. Being able to combine furniture and wall decor that reflect your personal taste, and incorporating a little bit of everything into the design becomes effortless. Like many great decor pieces in your home, it's important to share your identity and interests through decorative pillows. So mix fun prints from different cultures from all over the world for a strong statement. Choose several textured pillows to add...

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Coastal Inspired Home Renovation Ideas for Summer

1 | Coastal Kitchen Shiplap walls is the new trend in  home decor this summer. Take this look right into the heart of the home. A shiplap wall in the kitchen or bathroom is the perfect look for your favorite summer beach house getaway, vacation home, or main year-round home. White shiplap walls and natural wood kitchen cabinets create a chic coastal kitchen decor. If you’re going for a rustic and more low key look, consider using reclaimed wood for shiplap walls. The rustic look of salvaged wood adds...

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