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Wanderlust: Modern Interpretations of Worldly Inspiration
Modern Interpretations of Worldly Inspiration are present in tile trends everywhere. Moroccan tiles, water jet mosaics are all inspired by the designs from around the world. Click to learn more about Wanderlust: Modern Interpretations of Worldly Inspiration.
Trend Alert 2017: Futuristic 3D and Tile Shapes
So many trends are happening this year at HomeDecorAZ! With growing technology and exploration in tile design ideas, it’s no wonder that there are so many mosaics now from which to choose. There are 3D, reinterpretations of classic design, and inspirations from around the globe, just to name a few.
Trending 2017: Glass, Stone, and Metals Tile Trend
Mosaic tiles have always been a marvel to look at and have been around since ancient times. However, it’s no longer made with just your average clay stones these days. Mosaics have evolved since then and have taken on other forms with exciting combinations and processes!
New Neutrals Trend: Here to Stay
Looking for something trendy? Maybe something more sophisticated? Or perhaps something with a timeless quality. What if I told you that you can have all three looks wrapped into one?
Pantone's Color of the Year 2017 Reveal
Like clockwork, Pantone annually declares a Color of the Year. Each year, designers and artists wait with bated breath for the proclamation, wondering which color will triumph as Pantone Color of the Year. The decision is based on the color’s prominence, meaning, and the year’s overall attitude. Can you remember a time when Pantone’s Color of the Year didn’t exist?