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5 Solutions to Make Your Small Bathroom Look Larger
We have the answer to your small bathroom. Here are 5 solutions to make your bathroom look much larger. 1- Brighten Up Your Room By...
Choosing the Best Vanity for Your Space
If it’s one thing a bathroom needs, it’s a vanity. It takes care of everything from storage to helping you get ready for the day and it ties the bathroom together. However, when choosing a vanity, there are 6 things that should be considered before purchasing.
5 Shower Tile Materials and Their Benefits For Your Bathroom
Understanding the different materials from which shower tiles can be made will make your life easier in the long run. It’s important to know which options make the most sense for you in terms of material value, style, costs of labor, and maintenance. We explore the top 5 materials and their pros and cons.
5 Trending Bathroom Styles to Inspire You for Summer 2017
Designing a room aesthetically starts with knowing what idea you're going for, color scheme, and how you want it to reflect your personal taste. Luckily for you, we came up with the perfect bathroom styles that are all on trend for Summer 2017. Take a look to get inspired for your next home bathroom project.
Support Water Day with These Cost Efficient Faucets
One way you can celebrate Water Day is to use water-saving products that will have the planet and your wallet thanking you. Below is a list of faucets that can help you save water and money in your home.