Explore Vanity Types

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You have just made the decision to add a vanity to your bathroom, now you need to explore the different types and style available. Luckily for you, at HomeDecorAZ.com, we’ve made the process even easier for you.

Planning a bathroom remodel or design can be exciting and overwhelming at the same time. From looking at flooring, lighting, sinks, and associated bathroom hardware, there are so many details that you must think about. Whether you are planning a master bath, upgrading a mid-sized bathroom, or building a new powder room, one of the most important pieces in your new bathroom is the bath vanity. Your bathroom vanity is an integral part of the bathroom so you want to make sure that you’ve chosen wisely. There are two major types of vanities: vessel single sink vanity, and double sink styles. Common questions that are asked when choosing different types include: How much space will I need? How large should it be? Do I need two sinks? These are all questions that you will have to consider as you narrow down your search.

Most small to medium sized bathrooms with only require a single sink. Depending on how much space you have, you can choose a range from 20 to 50 inches in width. The width will affect how much additional countertop and storage space you have. If you have a large space or share a bathroom with multiple people, then we recommend you consider getting a larger, double sink vanity. Double sink styles are perfect for those who want to maintain their own sink space while simultaneously using the bathroom with someone else.

Ideally, you want a find a bath vanity that is both beautiful and functional. A bath vanity should have generous solutions for storage space — either shelves or drawers or a combination of both. The storage space should be easy to access for convenience and organizational purposes. At HomeDecorAZ.com, we are proud to offer you a wide selection of carefully curated bathroom vanities. We want to help you find the best type that will fit with your design goals. We pride ourselves on featuring only top quality products at unbeatable prices and oh did we mention? All of our products ship for free! If you need any assistance, information or recommendations on our products, don’t hesitate to give us a call or email.