Types of Lighting

for Everyone

A beautiful home is well-lit and functional. Lighting is what truly connects all of the different spaces and rooms in your home. With all of the beautiful decor pieces, colors, and rooms in your home, why wouldn’t you want to tie it all together?

After all, these different spaces and elements are a reflection of you and your style -- your carefully curated home decor and accessories, thoughtfully-chosen color palettes, and defined areas for cooking, dining, entertaining, relaxing, and sleeping.

The most important principle to know about interior design and home decor is that color affects light and vice versa. Most people prefer warm yellow lights over bright white lights such as fluorescent lights. When surrounded by certain lighting and colors, we can feel more or less relaxed, or more or less energized. Whether you have a favorite color or not (or a favorite range of colors), the fact is that you probably spent a lot of time comparing colors and choosing specific hues that articulated who you are, your taste and style, and the home environment you want to build and create.

From colors with names such as Spring Mint, Kentucky Haze, and Magnolia Green, choosing specific colors for your home can be an exciting, personal activity. Whether these colors are wall paints or the colors of your decorative pillows, bath mat, hallway runner, or curtains, you’ll want the right lighting that will make these colors look gorgeous. You will also want to choose different lighting for different purposes and functions based on the different rooms and spaces throughout your home.