Find the Right Tile Material

For Your Home and Office

We offer thousands of tiles that are made from a variety of materials. Whether you’re searching for something as standard as natural stone tiles or for something exotic like the mother of pearl tiles, our continually growing collection of tiles ensures you’ll find the perfect tiles you’re looking for.

Homeowners, builders, and designers need specific types of tiles for various residential and/or commercial wall or floor covering applications. We proudly offer tiles from the best manufacturers that are made of glass, metal, stone, porcelain, ceramic, mother of pearl, resin, and glass. We also carry mosaic tiles that are comprised of combinations of different materials that can include glass, metal, or natural stone. Each tile material has its unique set of properties which need to be considered when selecting tiles. Some tile materials have a hardness that allows them to withstand impact and high foot traffic. Other tile materials are moisture resistant and are ideal for surfaces that come into constant contact with water.

Whether shopping for tiles on our website or in our Philadelphia store, you will find an amazing selection of tiles made from different materials. You’ll also find our customer care specialists ready to help. When it comes to tiles, we have you covered! Enjoy free shipping on single orders over $300.