Budget Kitchen Remodeling Hack
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As the central location for many different activities and with so much time being spent there, the need for a high-end kitchen has continued to increase. Fortunately, getting a high-end kitchen doesn’t necessarily require breaking the bank. In fact, you can create a designer kitchen with just a few changes and updates. Check out these 5 kitchen design elements that’ll definitely add luxury and charm to your kitchen.


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1. Cabinets

For a budget-friendly kitchen that’s beautiful and trendy, opt for glass cabinets and open shelvings. Simple frosted glass cabinets are perfect for ultra modern kitchens and cost less than traditional shaker cabinets. With this budget-friendly tip, you open up your kitchen to different designs. Display everyday kitchen supplies or house plants as decor pieces. Pair the style with simple lighting fixtures and hardware for a crisp and clean look. To further make your kitchen one-of-a-kind, exposed wooden beams or brick walls can feel rich and luxurious.


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2. Lighting

Standard kitchen lighting that comes in most homes doesn’t give kitchens a high-end look. However, if you add in a few pendant lighting, it will instantly elevate your kitchen and improve the ambiance. Pendant lighting makes the perfect accessory for a kitchen island, especially if you want to make minor changes that make a big difference. Pendant lighting comes in a variety of styles. Mix it up and play with texture to add some personality or unexpected element into your space.


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3. Backsplash Tile

If you’re open to a bigger kitchen remodeling or renovation project, why not refresh your kitchen with a whole new backsplash? The key to getting the best bang for your buck is to use a marble look porcelain or ceramic tile. You’ll get the high-end look and the durability of porcelain and ceramic. Want to learn more about porcelain and ceramic tiles? Read more. Opt for either white, cream, grey or marble look subway tiles for a clean and elegant look that is well suited for traditional homes. This will help the space feel naturally bright and inviting and will allow the kitchen to feel much larger.


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4. Faucet

Faucets are not only practical but can also be a piece of art. From traditional styles to contemporary silhouettes, swapping out your generic faucet could be the only change your kitchen needs. Refresh your kitchen with either gold or bronze faucets to create a pleasingly graceful and stylish appearance. A bit of sparkle and shine to your kitchen can instantly give it a high-end look. It’s super trendy and perfect for those with an industrial chic style kitchen. Enhance this elegant look even further by pairing a gold sink with a bright antique faucet. It’s no doubt this look will evoke glamour and opulence.


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5. Hardware

Instantly change the look of your kitchen cabinets or furniture with new and updated hardware. Replace drawer handles, cabinet pulls and small knobs with those that have a stainless steel finish for a clean and sleek look. Little details go a long way so don’t be afraid to install unique and intricate style handles. Decorative pulls inspired by nature are the perfect look for rustic kitchens or country style homes. There’s a certain warmth and charm to unfinished hardware that compliments organic spaces. They are equally chic and cozy. Whether intricate or simple in design, this small update can change the look of the entire space.


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