These Tiles are Great for Small Bathrooms!


They say good things come in small packages. This can certainly be extended to small spaces. In fact, small bathrooms are much easier to design since they don’t require much planning. By carefully choosing bold decor pieces with stylish hardware and tiles, your powder room can look beautiful, stunning, and even look bigger than it is! Read below for our top five tiles to install to give small bathrooms a more spacious look and feel.

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Soho Studio Fragments Ash Blue 2x8 Subway Tile

1. Subway Tiles

Feel at home with gorgeously textured subway tiles. Clean lines and simple geometric shapes can create a unique look that helps extends your space, especially when spaces are small. To further help extend the height of your bathroom, orient your subway tiles vertically, stacking them from top to bottom. This technique is super trendy and visually appealing, as well.


Image via and Soci Calacutta Herringbone Tile SSH-252

2. Herringbone

Create a spa-like space by opting for marble look herringbone tiles. Pair the tiles with either white or light colored walls, keeping the palette consistent throughout the entire room. This will give the illusion of a larger looking space. Open up the bathroom even further by allowing natural light to come in. This will enhance the distinguished look of herringbone and brighten up the whole room. For a softer edge, choose brass handles and bathroom hardware.


Image via and White Carrara Basketweave Mosaic Tile

3. Basketweave

For long, narrow bathrooms, basketweave tiles work amazing on flooring. The vertical and horizontal lines in basketweave tiles push the eyes outwards and up, allowing you to focus on other items in the room. Just like light-colored flooring, you want to keep the space balanced. You can do so by simply using the same hue throughout the bathroom.


Image via MSI White Arabesque Mosaic Tile and Soci Frozen Blend Arabesque Tile SSM-437

4. Arabesque

Same soft color schemes and tone-on-tone color palettes can give the space a nice breezy effect. Glass Arabesque tiles with light shades of grays are the perfect example of a luxurious and serene environment. For tight and very small bathrooms, opt for either floating or open vanity. This will make your space feel and look less cluttered, giving you more opportunity to add small decorative pieces like towels, baskets, or indoor plants. Add large mirrors to help brighten and amplify the illusion of more space.


Image via and Eleganza Snow White Hexagon Tile GLV4011

5. Hexagon

Don’t be afraid to use dark colors in your small bathrooms. Deep colored tile flooring paired with crisp white walls and ceiling will add depth and height to your space. Amp up the look by installing hexagon tiles, which adds dimension, on one side of the wall and continuing the pure white hue for the rest of the bathroom. This will push the wall apart while visually stretching the width. For a more balanced look, spend some time organizing the space, keeping items hidden and away. Decluttering goes a long way and will make your space look less busy, allowing the deep colors to speak for themselves.

Bathrooms are very special spaces for most homeowners no matter how big or small. Whatever style you decide to choose, a little bit of change in color and tile pattern can transform your small bathroom into a cozy retreat.