5 Home Decor Inspirations Using Succulents & Terrariums


Succulents can be bright in colors and rich in greens. Many terrariums feature gorgeous succulents that are unique and arranged or designed in creative ways. Succulents and terrariums also make great gifts and always stir up fun conversations. Here are some trendy home decor inspirations for your next terrarium project.

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1 | Hanging Glass Terrariums for the Bedroom

Create a magical, whimsical, and airy environment in your bedroom with a hanging glass terrarium. They are unique and stand out on their own. You can choose from many styles of hanging glass objects, including light bulbs, bird houses, and teardrop shaped glass planters. Glass globes look great in small rooms since they are simple yet classy. Geometric glass globes take on a modern design with a rustic feel. Most geometric hanging planters have copper or gold trims. Whatever you choose to house your hanging terrarium, just remember to have fun with it.


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2 | Upcycled Objects for a Unique Twist in Terrarium

Can we appreciate how creative these items are? These popular live terrariums look like mini worlds encased in glass. Talk about the perfect way to have a quick afternoon retreat at home or in the office. A fun and unique way to show off your terrarium is by using everyday objects. One of our favorite ways to show off live terrariums is with a neat French press coffee maker that you can place right on the kitchen countertop or desk. You can also use vintage furniture pieces or upcycled tables and fish tanks. Not only is upcycling eco-friendly, it’s also a great way to display your homemade pieces and DIY terrariums.


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3 | Small Succulent Ideas for Small Spaces

Sometimes keeping it small and simple is the best option. Because succulents are easy to care for and only need indirect light, they are perfect in work spaces or small spaces where there is just enough lighting. You don’t always have to place succulents and terrariums on the windowsill. Other great places where these amazing plants can thrive are wall shelves and bookcases. If you’re thinking about adding plants to your office to brighten up your workspace, go for it! What’s great about succulents is that they store water in their leaves so you don’t need to water them as often. In fact, just enough water every two weeks is all you need. Keeping succulents small is perfect for gift giving and adding a little life to your small space.


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4 | Terrarium Centerpieces for Wedding and Special Occasions

Transform any event into a special occasion with bright and colorful succulent terrariums. Whether you are hosting your event outdoors or indoors, succulent arrangements make great statement pieces. Add a personal touch to your event. With choices ranging from green to brightly colored succulents, make it your own with pink and purple succulents or blue and green succulents. Style your succulent terrarium for a Boho Chic brunch or a dreamy desert wedding theme. Place several of these small wonders all over, and allow your guests to take them home as favors. One trendy wedding decor is hanging globe terrariums and displaying them right above the table. Using the diverse color options that succulents offer is pretty amazing and adds a personal touch to any party.


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5 | Fun Statement Pieces with Terrariums and Succulents

Okay, so your not ecstatic about having live succulents or terrariums in your home, but you like the theme. You can still bring these beautiful plants into your living space with decorative pillow cases and wall tapestries. Welcome your guests with plush pillows for a fun and playful look. Pair them with soft pastel colors for a cute spring decor. Make a statement in the room by opting for a watercolor succulent tapestry that stands out. They’re trendy and will work in any environment. Besides, you can easily swap out the tapestry whenever you want to change your home decor style. Bring in a little of the colors of the outdoor with fun Southwestern pillows, throws, and wall art that feature succulent prints. Whichever you decide to use, it’s a fun way to create a trendy, inviting home.

Let us know if you’ll be using succulents this spring or if you'll be creating DIY terrariums for your next home decor project. We would love to see it.