5 Statement Home Decor Ideas Inspired by Pantone's Ultra Violet

At first glance, purple may seem like an unexpected hue to incorporate into your interior space. But Ultra Violet is a sophisticated color that is bold, alluring, and powerful. You can take this rich hue in many directions, whether it’s spicing up an old bedroom or adding brightness to a living room. Transform any environment with this versatile color and make a statement using Violet furniture and home decor. Here are our top five tips on how to introduce Ultra Violet into your home.


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1 | Ultra Violet Velvet Furnitures

Go bold and bright with purple velvet furniture. Velvet is still popular today in home decor; it puts a twist on the antique style we once remembered. Dark and romantic, you are sure to make a statement with rich purple velvet chairs, couches, and sofas. Ultra Violet perfectly pairs with neutral colors. The contrast provides a nice and stunning look regardless of the style of the room. Adding this daring hue to your furniture will create a strong focal point, which allows you to easily pair it with softer colors. Soften the space by adding some crisp whites and even a variety of soft browns to create a refreshing and airy environment.


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2 | Ultra Violet Accent Wall

Stir up some conversation with an Ultra Violet accent wall. Because the hue is known for its bold and vivid color, introducing a violet accent wall will increase the contrast between your furniture. Balance the look with other shades of violets, which add a sense of harmony and luxury to the space. For smaller rooms and narrow hallways, paint the interior and exterior doors for an amazing look that is sure to cause a double take.

We can’t forget about wallpapers! They are excellent for adding texture, which is a big plus in interior design and home decor. Transform your bedroom, living room, and even entryway using Violet printed wallpaper. They’re easy to install and you can choose from many shades and patterns to fit your creative personality. Use Ultra Violet geometric prints for that modern art deco feel. Embrace your identity and go back to your roots with ethnic prints for a beautiful home. So don’t be shy! Reinvent your interior space by unleashing your artistic expression and creativity with Ultra Violet wallpaper. No matter the style or shade, adding Ultra Violet will certainly brighten up the space.


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3 | Ultra Violet Rugs

If you’re not ready to commit to an Ultra Violet wallpaper, opt for a subtle purple tone rug. It adds an interesting element to your interior by creating a more inviting and brighter space. A good rule of thumb is to use another light hue to complement the purple. Shades of greens are perfect! These colors give the environment a cool and refreshing atmosphere. Keep it simple and chic by adding rugs with patterns. Create a pleasant look reminiscent of the modern French country style with natural woods and rustic materials.


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4 | Ultra Violet Paintings & Furniture Pieces

Incorporating an Ultra Violet painting and small furniture pieces make an amazing statement without commitment. This is also a great opportunity to add a touch of personality to wall art, pillows, and throws. Be playful or sophisticated by matching the hue with soft greys and whites for that nice polished look. Your living room is your sanctuary. Spruce it up by incorporating monochromatic shades to help balance the deep purple hue. The sky’s the limit when it comes to accessorizing your home. Whether you choose wall art, pillows or other home decor pieces, your room is sure to shine.


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5 | Ultra Violet Flowers

Fall back and spring forward with Ultra Violet flowers! That pop of color is all you need for an elegant presentation; after all, Ultra Violet is associated with power and luxury. For a beautiful and vibrant look, accessorize and layer up your dining table with similar hues. Having several shades of purple colored flowers creates a graceful and delicate look, which is perfect for spring weddings. Add soft pinks and light golds to your Violet flowers for a whimsical and dreamy wedding. Need more inspiration for spring weddings? Read our article on this year’s spring floral wedding themes.

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