5 Plant Home Decor Inspirations for Your Favorite Rooms


1 | Kitchen Herb Garden

A kitchen herb garden is a convenient way to grow fresh herbs for cooking. Mason jars make excellent containers for an indoor garden. They are easy to assemble and look great in any kitchen. Hang your jars or sit them along the window sill or wall shelves. Add a touch of personality by upcycling your favorite coffee mugs or tea cups and using them as planters.

Wooden boxes from the farmer’s market are perfect for a farmhouse kitchen or country kitchen. Repurposed baskets, tea boxes, and tea bins look great in any kitchen decor. Get creative with your indoor garden with fun planter ideas. A homegrown herb garden is a great way to enjoy fresh herbs all season long. With the right amount of natural light, you can easily grow your own herb garden in the kitchen or just about anywhere in your home.

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2 | Sunroom Oasis

Transform your sunroom into your own private sanctuary at home. This idea is also great for a home library or any room in the house. To create a lush oasis feel at home, incorporate tall plants with large foliage into your room. Think deck and patio furniture or natural materials such as wood. Sustainable items and materials are great to incorporate into an eco-friendly home decor.

Create a relaxing and functional space in your sunroom for reading and enjoying a cup of coffee or tea. Keep your favorite reads on a bookcase or side table. Incorporate a mix of local artisan handicrafts such as handwoven textiles and baskets for a fun and cozy boho-chic style. Handwoven baskets are not only great for storage, they also add a one-of-a-kind touch to your home decor.


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3 | Botanical Living Room

Create a fresh and luxurious airy feel in your home with fresh plants and flowers in the living room. Even just a little bit of green can immediately uplift your space. The vibrant shade of succulents, moss, and leafy greens create a natural sense of luxury. Complement colorful plants with neutral colors to balance the space and define your furniture pieces.

For a luxurious botanical inspired living room, go for a romantic decor with posh velvet furniture, floral Oriental decor, and elegant chandeliers. Alternatively, keep it chic and simple with small houseplants, air plants, and succulents. Play around with hanging terrariums and different types of plants and flowers. Arrange your flowers in watering cans or place your houseplants on tall cupboards or bookcases. Take advantage of interior architectural elements such as mantles to display your favorite floral arrangements.


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4 | Colorful Patio & Garden

Make a statement with a living wall or urban garden by opting for dramatic and bold plants on the wall. They add color and brighten up your patio. To create a welcoming and inviting entrance into your home, place smaller living wall by the mailbox, doorbell or entryway. These small living walls are quick to install and are an easy update to the space, giving your environment that nice touch of fresh air.

Display your beautiful greenery by pairing it with wooden materials and terracotta pots, creating an earthy ambiance. An eye-catching living wall is a great way to enjoy the outdoors all year long. Whether you decide to place the living wall on your patio, sunroom or garden, these wall mounted green gardens cultivate a refreshing atmosphere.


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5 | Bedroom Plants

Large or small, having plants in the bedroom will create a serene, zen space. Living plants like lavender, jasmine, aloe vera, and gardenia have shown to improve air quality and promote better sleep. Create a pleasant atmosphere by placing your florals or greenery in or around your dresser for a unique and clean look. You can easily transform your bedroom by placing several plants in smaller places such as the makeup vanity, bedside tables or shelves. For a shabby glam look, pair your white and green florals with neutral colors for that spa and relaxing feeling.